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Pale Blue Eyes share Spaces in This House

Photo Credit: Sophie Jouvenaar

Amidst the echoes of delirious laughter and the soothing clinks of beer cans, the ethereal melodies of Cocteau Twins reverberate at full volume. Reliving the effervescent memories of unforgettable gatherings and cherished companionships, Pale Blue Eyes introduces their latest masterpiece, "This House." The album encapsulates a vivid chronicle of life within the walls that adorn its cover—the very childhood abode of the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt Board. A profound saga of closure and progression unfolds as the trio confronts the heartache of recent parental loss, shaking "This House" to its very core.

Yet, this musical odyssey is not confined to somber reflections. Within its uplifting harmonies that pirouette with carefree abandon, lies a celebration of human connections that defy time. The art of crafting music transforms into a potent remedy for recovery—a lifeline for souls grappling with grief.

Highlighted by the resonant track "Spaces," the band channels the perpetual bittersweet essence of life, enveloping its audience in a contemplative embrace of change. Matthew Board, singer, and guitarist, elaborates on the sentiment, underscoring the significance of acknowledging and embracing life's transformative nature. Lucy Board, the drummer, adds a seasoned perspective, advocating the futility of attempting to master the uncontrollable currents of life.

In a visually captivating masterpiece directed by the collaborative genius of Dylan Friese-Green and Aubrey Simpson, the band opens the doors to their newfound haven in Sheffield. The accompanying video whisks viewers on a hyperactive expedition through the city's vibrant landscapes, featuring iconic landmarks like Bramall Lane, the heart of Sheffield United, and the haven of music enthusiasts—Spinning Discs record shop and Finale Guitar Shop.

In the resonant chords and spirited rhythms of "This House," Pale Blue Eyes delivers more than an album; they deliver a testament to the power of resilience, the cadence of change, and the ever-persistent pulse of life.


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