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Oya Paya: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Fans awaiting Oya Paya's debut album have been rewarded for their patience. The slacker/college-rock trio, known for their captivating singles, is gearing up for the release of their inaugural album "Slumped Up" via Tri-Tone Music in early 2024. The unveiling of their latest track "Slow Slug" marks a significant turning point, propelling the band into an exciting new chapter.

Spanning from their 2021 EP "Connect" to the unveiling of "Slow Slug," Oya Paya's members, scattered across South East Asia, Liverpool, and the southern part of England, have blended analog garage recording techniques with real-time digital collaboration. The album was crafted remotely across the UK, France, and Singapore, creating a unique sonic tapestry.

With a six-year journey behind them, singer-guitarist Maxime McGowan reflects on the forthcoming album: "It’s relieving, exciting and daunting all at the same time." Their latest track, "Slow Slug," delves into recurring errors and their aftermath, evolving from a b-reel jam into a symphony of warm tones and precise drumming.

Oya Paya's music merges simplicity with modern technologies, fusing the essence of a three-piece band with retro arcade synth sounds. "Slow Slug" weaves liquid synth lines into the guitar/bass/drums foundation, while Maxime's vocals and heartfelt lyrics harmonize with Saam Jafarzadeh's bass and Ashwin Menon's drums. As the album release nears, Oya Paya is set to unveil tour plans, building on their acclaim from outlets like DIY Magazine, Pop Matters, and airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, and BBC Radio Merseyside. The anticipation for Oya Paya's debut album journey is palpable, promising an electrifying future for their sonic exploration. We spoke to the band about the tracks that shaped their sound, enjoy!

From the get go you can hear how their sound has shaped us. This one of the first few songs that absolutely blew our heads off and the band has been a strong influence for our project.

A big ol Trashy Bop guaranteed to keep you moving. The garden has been huge in our musical influence through the years. all we are missing is the signature whistle 😁

Production influence 10/10. We’ve always wanted to be a rock band but limited by the distance between us so we strived to emulate the slow pulp sound but with our own twist. Whilst you can hear the similarities there’s a lot more we want to explore in our upcoming single, tba 🤫

This banger is the anthem that got us through the distance! It heavily influenced our previous EP ‘Connect’ and pushed us to write our newer songs. It is a dream of each of us to catch them playing this tune live!

Links to all of Oya Paya's music can be found HERE


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