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Our Top Tracks of 2020

Another year, another catalogue of tracks that have soundtracked our experiences. With little going on in recent months, music has been a real refuge to us all, and has provided us with a reliable escape from the monotony of the lockdown life. We had a chat with some of our contributors to find out about some of their most important tracks of the year. Whether released or discovered last year, these tracks will always take us back to 2020.

Josh Crowe: Lifetime (HAAi‘s Green Lamborghini Remix) - Romy

XX Singer Romy was spoilt for choice when it came to the remixes for her ‘Lifetime’ single, with an impressive roster including ANZ, Jayda G and HAAi. Each transported me back to the club in environment, all in their own unique ways, and it’s been amazing to hear such an eclectic body of reworks. The highlight for me was courtesy of Australian-born London-based HAAi‘s ‘Green Lamborghini’ remix. Whilst the other tracks massively toy around with the vocals, this one has the ability to sustain the energy and feeling of euphoria that the original track had, not tampering too much with the already standout vocals. It’s the perfect end-of-the-night track, one you can listen to in any mood and instantly be transported back to the club environment.

Rob Day : Opaque - Aquasky

'Opaque' by Aquasky has been a trusty companion this year. It's a mesmerising and atmospheric 90s drum and bass track that pretty much characterised my lockdown period, and will always have fond memories attached to it! Driving and energetic, but also emotional and dreamy, and with that warm nostalgic feel that a lot tracks from that era carry.

Ruby Savill- Downs: ‘I Know You Know’ - Esperanza Spalding

My track of the year is jazz artist Esperanza Spalding’s ‘I Know You Know’, from her 2008 album Esperanza. This is my defining track of the year as it has an infectious sense of positivity, with a funky bassline and Esperanza’s gorgeous vocals. It’s been a track that I have returned to again and again in a year where things haven’t been so positive.

Ella Davis-Yuille: Emotions Dancing- Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn

"Emotions Dancing" Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn, such a pretty song for a shitty year. Not sure if it's my fave of 2020 but it's definitely up there.

Zahin Ali: Anothe Lover - Little Dragon

Another Lover by Little Dragon! So peng already, made even penger by the colours show, made EVEN penger by the Moses Sumney flip this last month.

Kate McCaughey: Pressure to Party - Julia Jacklin

Pressure to Party by Julia Jacklin - its just so irresistible to dance around your room to, and what more could you want for several months on lockdown!

Codie Higney: Red Spyda - Napes

Red Spyda by Napes was shamelessly rinsed by me and Faith Lydon at our bedroom disco’s during first lockdown. It’s been on repeat ever since and reminds me of fun times n freedom.

George Webb: What's Your Pleasure - Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware's "What's Your Pleasure?" - the most fun and danceable piece of pop I've heard in years

Ruairi McMahon: Badboy Chiller Crew- 450

Euan Hall: Sunset Park - Flamingosis

Not from 2020 but this tune accompanied a lot of feel good moments this year.

Shane Farrell: Road of The Lonely Ones - Madlib & Four Tet

Only came out last week but already one of my fav tunes from this year, roll on their 2021 record.

Kieran Collingwood: Song For Our Daughter' - Laura Marling

'Song For Our Daughter' Laura Marling - Her whole album is incredible and her voice is insane in this tune.

Angelica Krikler: Me in 20 Years - Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney ‘Me in 20 years’ - the harmonies are layered beautifully and it makes me look to the future.

Richard Byers: Kerosene -Yves Tumor

I have played this tune nearly every day since it came out in March and it still sounds new to me even though it’s quite simple and repetitive. This must mean all of its elements are just perfectly done.

Maddi Fearn: PVA (Lynx Remix) - Talks

Lynx has described this remix as 'Britney-concert-in-outer-space-on-DMT vibes' and to be honest, I can't put it better than that.


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