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Osquello, Goldie and James Davidson join forces for brilliant new track 'restless'

At this point, Osquello seems unstoppable. After a summer of success with single Lovers Fool and genre-defying album Osqstock, the autumn brings a new phase of experimentation for the London-based rapper.

As a master of the game in jazzy melodies, hip-hop infused beats and reflective lyrics, Osquello's next step needed to be a big one. Enter Restless: a track underpinned by a fresh UKG beat and twinkling piano touches that entwines Osquello's sophisticated and jazzy style. Restless also collaborates with musical legends Goldie and James Davidson, as a part of Goldie's new label ‘Fallen Tree 1Hundred’, as well as upcoming visual artist Lottie Mac on the cover work.

“There are originators and imitators, and Osquello is definitely an originator. He stands out amongst his peers from this new generation of artists. He’s got unique style — lyrically, musically, visually — and an effortless flow" Goldie explains, reinforcing the eclectic and innovative ways of Osquello's music.

Restless is the first single from upcoming EP Something Behind Me, set to be a play between Osquello's love for both Garage and Hip-Hop. If this track is anything to go by, the next instalment is something to be excited for.


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