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Organic New Music Friday #12

Welcome back to Organic New Music Friday! It's a new month, meaning an influx of tracks is coming our way. It's also your last chance to grab some new releases for the final Bandcamp Friday of the year.

Bumpcast Recordings - BUMPER2BUMPER VA

BUMPER2BUMPER is Bumpcast Recording's debut VA, bringing their favourite grassroots artists to explore the sounds of breaks, 2-step and chunky UKG. The label is an extension of Bump, a Leeds-based events night that have hosted the likes of Bakey, Ansza and Dr. Dubplate. You can check out the work of 4TGANG, JoeJoemojo, Dela, Esspee, Snoozy and Gibbin down below.

BUMPER2BUMPER is out now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Luke Sentric - Enemy Dem

Enemy Dem stands as the penultimate number on Luke Sentric's new EP Ingredients, debuted on Samsara Beats this week. Its eclectic and experimental sounds still manage to retain a high level of composure, and the half-time beat gives the track a paced and enigmatic feel. "The Ingredients EP marks my second release for 2020 with a handful of tunes influenced by a melting pot of music - Dub, to the early Hardcore Rave scene, with some other bits thrown in between. I'm not one for labeling my tunes, as placing music into a box, category or genre can form creative limitations; so call it what you will and I hope you enjoy."

Enemy Dem is out now on Soundcloud.

Jensen Interceptor - Citi Gurls

Jensen Interceptor's new track Citi Gurls takes centre-stage for International Chromies new EP - a five-part series featuring some of the their favourite upcoming producers. Alongside music from 11Schnull & Baxmann, Nikki Nair, Raw Takes & Varum, and Jetson G, Citi Gurls does not disappoint, resonating the industrial electro sounds of the dance-floor. The label have chosen to donate all proceeds to Kampania Przeciw Homofobii In Poland, a non-profit organisation helping LGBTQ+ Poles who are facing harsh and extreme discrimination from their government. Citi Gurls is out now on Soundcloud, and available to buy on Bandcamp.

Donny Rotten - Feeling Who You Are (Donny Rotten Reflex)

ec2a are back with another Free Download release, this time treating us to a sweet and sophisticated UKG edit from Donny Rotten. Feeling Who You Are is beautifully simple, and will leave the anticipated sound of summer ringing round your ears.

Feeling Who You Are (Donny Rotten Reflex) is out now on Soundcloud.

Tribalist - The Cascade [Earful Of Wax]

The Cascade features as the debut track from Tribalist and Movement's EP Reminiscence, which is the opening vinyl release from Earful of Wax. As a duo they are known as Heritage, and have divided the 12" between original tracks and solo material. The Cascade is a huge debut number from Tribalist, venturing through breaks, electro and 4/4.

The Cascade is out now on Soundcloud.

Celestial Being - +44

To round up this week, we have a laid-back number from Celestial Being. +44 is out now on Soundcloud as the soundtrack to your Sunday!

+44 is out now on Soundcloud.

Freestylers- Other Worlds

Following on from the opening single, ‘Other Worlds’ delves into a mishmash of drum and bass, hip-hop, electronica, dub, breakbeat, and everything in between. It also showcases incredible talent from across the globe, including Plump DJs, Blapps Posse, Laura Steel, Scarlett Quinn, Spyda, Tenor Fly, Hyperactive MC, Mad Doctor X and K-OSS.


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