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New Book Explores the History and Impact of UK Grime

Get ready to delve into the captivating world of UK grime with Jacaranda Books' latest addition to the A Quick Ting On series. Set to release on September 21st, the upcoming book 'Grime,' written by journalist, rapper, and activist Franklyn Addo, promises to chronicle the genre's remarkable journey and profound cultural influence.

Hailing from Hackney, Franklyn Addo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project. Besides his impressive journalism portfolio, which includes contributions to The Guardian, The Independent, and Sky News, he has been an outspoken advocate for UK youth. Addo's work spans various fields, from court appearances to academia and media, addressing critical issues such as youth violence, trauma, and the lack of support for young people in Britain. Under his musical moniker Franklyn, he has also been making waves as a talented rapper.

The A Quick Ting On series has garnered acclaim for its insightful coverage of diverse topics, including Afrobeats, Black British Power, and The Black Girl Afro. With 'Grime,' Jacaranda Books continues to offer readers thought-provoking narratives about influential cultural movements.

As the release date approaches, anticipation is mounting for 'Grime,' a book that promises to be a must-read for music enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone curious about the groundbreaking impact of UK grime on the global stage. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beats and stories that have shaped a generation of artists and fans alike.

In August, Velocity Press is hosting the Independent Print Market in east London to showcase UK independent music-related book publishers.


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