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Narr Radio: Leeds' New Station To Launch This Friday

NARR [noun]

1. (historical) jester, fool (a person employed to feign idiocy, often as a satirical cover for valid political arguments)

2. Used in compounds to indicate an obsession; freak

‎Auto (“car”) + ‎Narr → ‎Autonarr (“car freak”)

On Friday 20th November, Leeds will welcome a brand new addition to its thriving arts scene: Narr Radio. Based in the Corn Exchange, Narr will be launching tomorrow at 10pm with an all day broadcast, featuring a host of local Leeds talent on the lineup.

"We are rooted in Yorkshire’s rich history of post-punk and adjacent movements… We aspire to foster a radical and sardonic communitarianism, disrupting our current climate of humdrum, restrictive hegemony to amplify marginalised, experimental and d.i.y sound and art. Something new and bubblegum fresh."

The stream will be watchable on their site, which you can access here, but if you miss it live, you can always catch up on their SoundCloud. Although normal broadcasting won't be commencing until next year, Narr Radio are taking submissions for show ideas. Get in contact if you would like to be involved.

To support Narr Radio, click HERE.


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