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Introducing: JAYNE

Hailing from York, JAYNE is a sing-songwriter who, after beginning her journey with open mic nights, soon concluded that she wanted to take her sound further: "Having started as an acoustic artist who never quite fit the folk mould, I have developed an atmospheric sound for this single with producer Isaac McInnis (Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Howl & The Hum), drawing influences from artists such as The xx and Jeff Buckley."

Last month, JAYNE released her debut single 'Talking In My Sleep'; a soulful and sensitively delivered track that sees her delicate yet powerful vocal style really come into its own. Drawing influence from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, and the XX, JAYNE's style sits proudly upon an intriguing middle ground between acoustic folk and experimental, more left-field production. Whilst the opening bars of gentle guitar plucks in 'Talking In My Sleep' suggest a conventional acoustic ballad is ahead, the soundscape quickly evolves into a rich, multi-layered experience. Whilst the application of subtle electronic effects to acoustic sounds craft a warm, ambient backdrop, JAYNE's melancholic, softly-sung lyrics talk the lead, creating a introspective and heart-felt track thats bound to stay with you well after you first listen.

It's a strong start to say to least from this promising Yorkshire artist. Although current circumstances don't allow for live music, we are very much looking forward to witnessing Jayne's brilliance next year when gigs are back on the table!


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