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Holly Macve Kicks off 2024 with Hopeful Anthem '1995' from Upcoming EP Time Is Forever

Holly Macve, the Irish-born, Yorkshire-raised singer-songwriter, is diving into 2024 with a burst of optimism in her latest single, '1995.' Set to feature on her forthcoming EP, Time Is Forever, scheduled for release on February 2 via Loving Memory Records / Believe, Macve describes '1995' as "the most hopeful song I've ever written."

Fresh from a US tour, Macve reflects on the period of excitement and peace she felt, capturing the essence of contentment in the song. Little did she know that the calm would soon be disrupted, but '1995' encapsulates that serene feeling, inviting listeners to experience the same emotions.

Accompanied by a captivating visualizer, '1995' joins the ranks of recent singles 'Beauty Queen' and 'Suburban House' (featuring Lana Del Rey) on Macve's new EP, marking her return to the music scene after a three-year hiatus.

Time Is Forever represents a new era for Macve, who spent days and nights in vintage motels, dreaming big and overcoming inhibitions during its creation. Macve shares, "I put a lot of my soul into these tunes, and I'm super excited to share them and play them live."

The EP also features the collaborative single 'Suburban House' with Lana Del Rey, which is part of the soundtrack for the Apple TV series The Buccaneers. Macve's song, alongside tracks from Gracie Abrams, Miya Folick, and Sharon Van Etten, is currently streaming on Apple TV.

Expressing her intuition behind 'Suburban House,' Macve shares the serendipitous creation of the song while living in a time capsule-like house from the 50s. The track transformed into a duet after Macve played it for Lana Del Rey during a visit to LA, marking a unique collaboration between the two artists.

Lana Del Rey, a fan of Macve's music, expresses her admiration, saying, "Her flawless, emotional vocals have inspired me over the last six years, and I love her songs. I'm especially proud of featuring on this one."

To celebrate the release of Time Is Forever, Holly Macve will headline a London show at The Lower Third on February 20th. Tickets are available now, promising a live experience of the soulful and dreamlike tunes from her latest EP.

Time Is Forever Tracklisting:

1. Beauty Queen

2. Dreamer

3. Suburban House (feat. Lana Del Rey)

4. Time Is Forever

5. 1995


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