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Green Man Festival 2023: A Spectacular Finale to a Remarkable Edition

(Green Man burn - credit: Oliver Chapman)

As the sun sets on Green Man Festival 2023, Wales' largest music, science, and arts extravaganza, the memories of an exceptional weekend linger. The festival unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, leaving attendees with indelible moments of musical magic, insightful talks, and engaging experiences.

Fiona Stewart, the visionary owner and MD of Green Man festival, encapsulates the spirit of the event: "Green Man 2023 was magical and a joy to experience. We spend years planning the festival and seeing our efforts validated by the smiles and appreciation from our audience means everything to us." Sustainability and inclusivity remained integral, with the festival proudly becoming the first in Wales to receive the Gold Charter for improving disabled access from Attitude is Everything.

(Young Fathers on the Far Out stage - credit: Nici Eberl)

This edition was a veritable constellation of talent, with headline performances from luminaries like Spiritualized, DEVO, Self Esteem, and First Aid Kit. The festival stages also hosted unforgettable sets from favorites such as Amyl & the Sniffers, Slowdive, Young Fathers, The Walkmen, Confidence Man, Goat, The Comet Is Coming, Jockstrap, Sudan Archives, and a plethora of Welsh talent including Melin Melyn, The Gentle Good, Rogue Jones, Hyll, and many more.

Amidst the musical grandeur, Babbling Tongues hosted captivating talks by luminaries like Harriet Gibsone and Ash Kenazi, while stand-up comedy by Sean McLoughlin, Amy Mason, Scott Bennett, and more tickled the audience's funny bones. Einstein's Garden, the renowned science enclave, unveiled innovative installations and captivating discussions. The Little Folk area delighted the youngest members of the festival family with its Ancient Egypt theme.

Swedish indie folk sister duo First Aid Kit closed the festival with a spellbinding performance, showcasing their evolution over almost a decade since their last Green Man appearance. Earlier, Amyl & the Sniffers set the stage ablaze with their energetic punk, leading up to First Aid Kit's grand finale.

As the festival reached its crescendo, attendees gathered to witness the symbolic burning of the Green Man effigy, paying homage to the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park and the majestic Black Mountains. The Far Out stage saw scintillating performances from bands like Julie, Young Fathers, and Sudan Archives, while the Walled Garden hosted the art-punk explorations of Nuha Ruby Ra and the disco-infused hard rock of Special Interest.

(The Last Dinner Party on the Rising stage - credit: Nici Eberl)

At the Rising stage, The Last Dinner Party showcased their meteoric rise, delivering shimmering harmonies and theatrical pop melodies that entranced the crowd. Meanwhile, Mary In The Junkyard left an indelible mark with a set that exceeded all expectations.

As Green Man 2023 concluded, it solidified its status as a cherished festival that marries incredible music, enriching arts, and illuminating science. The anticipation for next year's edition is already palpable, with tickets for Green Man Festival 2024 set to go on sale on September 30th. The festival's legacy of captivating experiences against the backdrop of the majestic Black Mountains promises yet another enthralling celebration of music, science, art, and more.


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