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GLBDOM Release New Compilation 'GLBDOM Therapy 2'

One of our favorite releases this month is the eleven unique tracks from eleven distinct and talented artists, ‘GLBDOM Therapy 2’ is an odyssey of sounds sharing one sublime compilation. Mastered by Classonix Sound, and artworked up by Samuel Tomsky.

Sharing their excitement on socials they shared "Bonded by a common theme, that of a deep and at times soulful persuasion, every tune on the VA manages to deliver something different. Pumping house sounds reminiscent of the 90s seamlessly blend with deeper renditions echoing a style more closely associated with the early to mid-2000s. Driving 4/4 beats play happily alongside cleverly programmed synth riffs, dreamy pads, meandering strings, and a wealth of skilfully applied vocal lines. A vintage and retro tinged vibe permeates the entire collection while deftly avoiding cliches, every artist bringing their distinctive and modern approach to the art of creating modern house music. ‘GLBDOM Therapy 2’ is an absolute must have for any dedicated house music DJ or connoisseur, and a shining example of what an astutely curated house music VA compilation should sound like."


1. DAN T - You

2. HATT.D - It's All About That Feeling

3. Paul Rudder - Lonely One

4. Alben & LAJE feat. DDBB - Out Of Control

5. A-Link - Bring It To Me

6. Hurlee - Take Me

7. Reagan Grey - At Any Moment

8. Horsemen - Virtual Reality

9. Munky Fike - Cold Period

10. Luca Olivotto - Questions

11. Bress Underground - Latimore

You can listen to the preview of this VA on our Soundcloud and make a pre-order on their Bandcamp HERE


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