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Getting To Know: Taylor Latham

1. "Eternal Sunshine" is your second single of the season, following a series of successful summer performances. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this new track and what listeners can expect?

Eternal Sunshine was inspired by a feeling of gratitude for the family and friends I have around me and shifting my attitude away from chasing certain things.

2. In the music industry, artists often face pressure to constantly strive for bigger opportunities and greater success. You mentioned that you had to readjust your attitude to avoid struggles that could lead to burnout. Could you elaborate on this and share how practicing gratitude played a role in this adjustment?

Among many things I felt I was caught up in a cycle of comparison with other people (artists in particular) and questioning myself on certain things. It took me a little while to become aware of this and it led to me readjusting my focus to direct more energy into what I’m creating and being grateful for the people I have around me and who have been supporting me throughout this musical journey. That shift certainly helped me find more enjoyment in writing and releasing music and has inadvertently led me to a place where I’m more proud of what I’ve created.

3. "Eternal Sunshine" reflects the theme of gratitude. How does this theme manifest in the song's lyrics and overall atmosphere? What message do you hope to convey to your audience through this track?

Although the atmosphere is warm and welcoming throughout the majority of the track the lyrics start in a place of restlessness before gradually leading to that happier place. The refrain through the bridge is the more intimate act and represents the shadow of doubt that at times we can feel, before building back up into the final chorus that finishes on more positive ground.

I hope the song can remind the audience to take a minute and appreciate the things in their life they have which hold importance to them. Whether that be family, friends, work or something else, I just hope the idea that gratitude can help improve or sustain joy comes across.

4. You wrote and recorded "Eternal Sunshine" independently. Can you walk us through your creative process and any challenges or breakthrough moments you experienced during its production?

As with most of my songs “Eternal Sunshine” started with an idea on the acoustic guitar that ended up being the main pattern for the verse and choruses. For me whenever I’m writing acoustic guitar melodies there is a large element of playing around until I find something I like and then writing lyrics that I feel fit with the vibe of the melodies I’ve created. I hardly ever go into writing a song with a preconceived notion of what the song will be about. For “Eternal Sunshine” the riff felt upbeat and hopeful to me and as such I knew I wanted that to be reflected in the lyrics at points.

5. Collaborating with Harry Derges in production, you've crafted a buoyant track that blends acoustic guitar patterns with a kick drum, reminiscent of Folk Pop artists like Kim Churchill and Ziggy Alberts. What drew you to this particular musical style for "Eternal Sunshine," and how did you approach blending these elements?

Indie Folk/Folk Pop music has always been a style I’ve been drawn to with many of my favourite artists producing music within the genre. In production with Harry we always felt we wanted to give the song drums to accompany the guitar patterns but we felt a full drum kit sound might be too overpowering and settled on use of a single kick drum throughout and a simple snare added towards the end. As with many folk pop songs we felt it was important the vocal was at the front of the mix so that the listener could appreciate the writing and the journey that is undertaken through the song.

6. Your intricate guitar playing ability shines through in quieter moments of the track. Could you share more about your musical background and your relationship with the guitar as an instrument?

Music has always been a huge part of my family life. Growing up I always remember early Jack Johnson records, U2, R.E.M and Bob Marley playing in the house. My Dad has worked in creative industry for a long time and my Mum played multiple musical instruments including guitar and so I was encouraged from an early age to play (although I didn’t really take to learning properly until I was in my early teens).

Playing guitar has been a huge blessing in my life and at times acted as my therapy. Having an outlet to express myself was crucial through my late teens/early twenties and post that phase playing and writing has continued to be something that has been hugely important to me. I love playing guitar and hardly a day goes by where I don’t spend at least an hour or two messing around or practising for upcoming gigs.

7. "Eternal Sunshine" is set to be released on October 27th, 2023. What are your expectations and hopes for this track as it reaches a wider audience on streaming platforms?

It’s always difficult to expect anything on the eve of a release but I hope “Eternal Sunshine” finds its way to people who need a ray of positivity or simply enjoy the style of music. I continue to write and release music with the ambition it will lead to playing in front of new audiences, I love to travel and to connect with people in new places so if that is something that comes along as a by-product I would be very excited and grateful for it. I’ve had a lot of fun playing the track throughout the summer at gigs and festivals with people connecting to the track live, I hope that feeling is recreated for the audience when it’s released on streaming platforms at the end of the month.

8. As the seasons change and the days grow shorter, "Eternal Sunshine" serves as a reminder to look at the brighter side of life. How do you think music, and this song in particular, can impact people's perspectives and emotions during different seasons of the year?

I believe music has the ability to shape our perspectives and emotions throughout the year, calm us when we are anxious and lift us up when we need it. To me “Eternal Sunshine” serves as a reminder to be grateful for where I’m at and the people I have in my life and I hope it serves as that reminder for others as well.

9. In your journey as a musician, what artists or experiences have had a significant influence on your music and songwriting?

In my early days of writing Jack Johnson, Ben Howard and Bon Iver although they differ sonically were all huge influences on the way I approached songwriting. As I’ve grown up a bit I feel that my own experiences of travelling, relationships and interactions with people around me as well as the stories I’ve heard along the way have really influenced my sound and what I write about.

10. Can you give us a glimpse into your future plans and any upcoming projects or performances that your fans can look forward to?

Eternal Sunshine is the second single as part of a bigger project that I’m working on. The first track ‘Paper Rounds’ was released late in August and the plan is to finish more tracks towards the end of 2023 to release throughout the early months of 2024.

I currently have a couple of local shows lined up (North Devon) with ongoing discussions to arrange shows in Bristol and London. I absolutely love playing live so getting the opportunities to do that I always find thoroughly enjoyable.

11. Lastly, is there a personal story or moment that inspired "Eternal Sunshine" that you'd like to share with your audience to provide deeper insight into the song's meaning?

Seeing family and close friends go through some difficult situations, especially in the past year, has helped me appreciate them more and definitely inspired the track in a huge way.


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