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Getting To Know: Dr Barz

Nigerian rapper Dr. Barz is set to make global waves with his latest track, "Dosa," infused with the unmistakable beats of UK drill. Offering a glimpse into the present state of his music journey, the artist reveals a personal and energetic side, taking listeners on a sonic adventure. Produced by Mazi Spice and recorded in Abuja, "Dosa" not only lights up the mood but also provides a window into Dr. Barz's roots and vibrant musical endeavors. The seasoned rapper assures his fans that he's on the loose, promising more exclusive entertainment with this electrifying single. Get ready for Dr. Barz to dominate the music landscape.

1. "Dosa" is being hailed as an exploration of your musical journey and versatility. Can you share what inspired you to take this particular direction with the song and how it reflects your evolution as an artist?

The inspiration behind DOSA was simply the need to get back on the music scenes after a short break off it. I thought it was necessary to explain my absence, and present location to my loyal fans, old and new. It reflects growth in my career, new environment and an opportunity to expand the fanbase.

2. The influence of the UK drill beat is evident in "Dosa." What prompted you to incorporate this sound into your music, and how do you believe it helps you connect with a global audience?

I have always been a fan of drill music, especially from the UK as it presents a unique vibe and energy I resonate with. I was home listening to random beats and playing video-games on Playstation when the beat for DOSA came on. I knew right then that I had to make something out of it. With DOSA, I intended to showcase my artistry and versatility, whilst exporting my unique story and sound to a global audience of music lovers.

3. In "Dosa," you open up about your present state in the music industry and your journey as a professional artist. Can you delve into some of the themes and stories you explore in the song that give listeners insight into your experiences?

“If you’re not calling about some racks, won’t call you back” - The very first set of lines from the first verse gives an insight into one of my experiences thus far. Having to deal with being brands, artists, PR executives, etc. as an independent artist can be really challenging as most times you’re either undervalued or overcharged; as such creating a working balance is vital, hence the need to get the desired wages of labour. Next, dealing with people generally in life can be very revealing, as over time people tend to show their true colors: love, hate, envy, betrayal etc. Having a bit of experience in all of these has helped shaped me as a man, and as an artiste.

4. The track was produced by Mazi Spice and recorded during your stay in Abuja. How did the setting and collaboration contribute to the overall vibe and energy of "Dosa"? Were there specific elements in Abuja that influenced the creative process?

I believe every environment influences the kind of music you make differently. The people, the weather, the culture, the ambience, atmosphere coupled with my present state of mind I believe were major influences. As always, my collaborations with Mazi Spice are always class; as a talented producer and friend with an age long positive history between us, he understands my sound and we vibe organically.

5.  "Dosa" seems to serve as a declaration of your intent to dominate the music landscape. Can you elaborate on the message you aim to convey to your audience through this track, and what can your fans expect in terms of your future projects and entertainment offerings?

Dosa is a Korean slang for being good at something. My idea is that everyone is a DOSA, as everyone most likely has at least one thing they’re good at. The summary of the message I aim to convey is that I am back on the scene, hungry and ready to take my music career, brand, team, family and life generally to the next level with music. What to expect is a couple more even better songs, and a project this year.


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