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Getting To Know: Docta Bionix

Hailing from the heart of Islington, North London, Docta Bionix isn't just a rapper and songwriter – he's a seasoned old school UK house and garage MC making a triumphant return after years away from the scene. Recently awarded platinum and gold prizes at the Koestler Awards in 2022 and 2023, respectively, alongside the Best Visuals honor at the BUMA Awards, Docta Bionix is not only back but thriving. From BBC Introducing's Rap Cypher to pivotal airplay, he's now in the perfect moment, surrounded by the right people, unleashing a diverse musical palette – from Afrobeat to Hip Hop/Rap, Drill, Trap, and everything in between.

1. Your journey as an artist seems quite dynamic, transitioning from an old school UK house and garage MC to exploring various genres like Afrobeat, Hip Hop/Rap, Drill, and Trap. Can you share what inspired this evolution in your musical style?

I wanted to embrace my versatilty and explore different genres and style today. I feel music is creation of one’s self so I'm trying create music which brings parts of me to listeners and anyone who loves art and creativity.

2. Winning the platinum prize at the Koestler Awards seems like a pivotal moment in your career, providing the belief to pursue a music career. How did this recognition influence your decision to return to the music scene after being away for some years?

I gave up on pursuing music never thought about it as an option or career path until my work was judged by rappers and influencers. Low key and Akala there comments re-ignited my passion to go again including the platinum award.

3. The description of your recent releases, from "UP" to "Medicine" and others, suggests a diverse range of sounds. Can you walk us through the creative process behind these tracks and how you navigate different genres while maintaining your artistic identity?

I focus on past and present using my path in areas of life to express through music my journey. My identity, I feel as an artist is very important, so people who hear me connect with me as a person and my artwork being music.

I try to include emotions my joys, pain, love, situations relatable to every day life and challenges I've had t o face.

My heritage my position in life and my journey has all played apart in collating different elements of me.

4. Born and raised in Islington, North London, how has your upbringing and the cultural influences of your hometown shaped your approach to music and storytelling?

I grew up listening too greats like Biggie and Tupac, East Coast West Coast rap, including UK based artist such as Skinny Man who had an effortless ability to tell you stories anyone can relate to I needed the opportunity to do the same and present my identity through this medium.

5. "Symptoms," your first-ever tape, is mentioned as setting the benchmark. Can you tell us more about the theme or concept behind this project and what listeners can expect from it?

I chose symptoms as I felt through life people in general have symptoms of life experiences. Given my life I chose the name symptoms and linked it to my Docta Bionix identity and the name. It's a range of different styles from drill, Rap, afrobeats I even try singing on this project, added some future talents in this project because I love their work and ability and hunger to thrive in what they love and present and used this opportunity for new artists just like me to come through and showcase our creativity.


6. Returning to the music scene, you mentioned being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Could you elaborate on the collaborations or partnerships that have played a significant role in your recent artistic journey?

I was blessed to be given the opportunity through a friend Tony Malcolm who believed in my ability.

I was introduced to Badio [producer] at The Basement Studio

Later leading to meeting Marc Rosenthal who heard my music and as a result the team was formed and created.

Marc rosethal, James Woods, Badio the Producer have been my management team all songs were recorded from The Basement Studios and mixed and mastered By J.brownmixedit.

7. You've experienced the music scene from different angles, including being an MC in the old school UK house and garage scene. How do you think your past experiences have contributed to your current work, especially in terms of versatility as an artist?

I am blessed to embrace all sounds and meet great artists in the field and learn from the challenges they faced and learn from their ability. The experience to stand infront of others and perform wasn't something I did for a long period but I enjoyed stepping up on stage and being on radio stations like Mission FM and Y2K fm This experience kept music close to me and I just needed the opportunity which I have today through PatternedMusicLTD.

8. Are there specific messages or themes you aim to convey through your music, considering the diverse range of genres you explore?

Trials tribulations, relationships with self and others, my identity and heritage even though I'm from the UK, history and present and most important my ability to rise up and come back.

9. "AFF Man ting," "Practitioner," and other tracks sound intriguing. Can you share some insights into the inspirations behind these specific songs and the stories you aim to tell through them?

AFF MAN TING Was just to present two sides my African heritage from family [Ghana] and my UK side also.

PRACTITIONER Was my opportunity to step out as the Docta GP and an insight to past life and now present and my journey.

10. Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations as an artist, and how do you see your music evolving in the future?

I have accumulated so much music in a year after SYMPTOMS will follow DIAGNOSIS which will be released March/ April 2024. As well as other music up until the next drop. My aim is to build on the foundations of symptoms more performances more radio plays meet people and artists and work and most of all keep doing what I love to do, reach the dream and live from the dream for my family.


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