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Getting To Know: Childe

Get ready to be captivated by Childe's latest track, 'Chemical Balance,' releasing on July 27th. As a sneak peek from his debut album 'Stoned & Supremely Confident,' set to drop in September, this song promises an extraordinary musical journey.

Childe fearlessly delves into topics rarely explored by male singer-songwriters. Recently featured in the prestigious Vivienne Westwood campaign launching Spring 2023, his collaboration with the iconic designer was fueled by a shared spirit of breaking free from limitations and embracing individuality. We chatted about the music that has shaped Childe's sound, enjoy!

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

This is one of the first songs I figured out on the guitar. I would just play it over and over until I was hypnotised. It’s got the perfect balance of delicate and dark and visceral gross brilliant lyrics that just stick me inside his head. Long live the King

. Turnstile - MYSTERY

I find this uplifting. It’s got stomach energy and sometimes that’s all I wanna listen to. It’s not introspective for me listening to this, but I find it very cathartic Softcult - Gaslight

I love her voice and it feels like nostalgia to me this song even though it’s new. She lets the first chorus play out with no vocals, once you connect with the song that feels like your watching it at battle of the bands. SOAK - swear jar

I don’t understand how this song isn’t everywhere. She sings “you don’t look at me like you used to” and you really feel it. It has this massive vocal outro with billions of voices that ends up as just one dry voice.


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