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Corona Sunsets Festival Tour Brings Nature and Music to the UK

Corona, the renowned international beer brand, has announced that the highly anticipated global Corona Sunsets Festival Tour will be making its way to the UK this September. Set amidst the stunning landscapes of Hatfield Park in Hertfordshire, the festival will take place on Saturday, September 2nd, providing a day of celebration and connection with nature.

The UK edition of the Corona Sunsets Festival Tour is part of a global series of one-day festivals that revolve around the beauty of sunsets and aim to foster a deeper connection between people and the natural world. The lineup for the UK event boasts an impressive array of live headliners, including local favorites Easy Life from Leicester, soulful songstress Mahalia, contemporary duo Franc Moody, and the London Gospel House Choir. They will be supported by the electro-pop sounds of Bristol's Elder Island, the rap and production talents of Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn, and the captivating singer-songwriters ELIZA and Newton Faulkner. Additionally, a lineup of DJs will be announced in the coming weeks to keep the festival atmosphere alive as the sun sets.

Going beyond just music, the Corona Sunsets Festival will feature a range of immersive experiences inspired by the magic of sunsets. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy live art installations and culinary delights that showcase the vibrant flavors of British produce. Notable highlights include breathwork sessions led by bestselling author Stuart Sandeman (known as "Breathpod"), who will guide festivalgoers in disconnecting from their digitally driven lives and embracing nature. Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter will also lead a workshop, showcasing the use of native, British-grown plants and herbs to create delicious and sustainable dishes.

As a brand rooted in the beach lifestyle, Corona recognizes the healing power of nature and the importance of taking time to appreciate the beauty of sunsets. The Corona Sunsets Festival aims to inspire people to disconnect from their busy routines and reconnect with friends and the natural world.

Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, Corona is partnering with non-profit organization Oceanic Global in its quest to become the UK's first Blue Verified festival. The entire global festival series will implement a comprehensive sustainability program, and all sustainability efforts will be assessed against the NGO's renowned Blue Standard.

The Corona Sunsets Festival Tour promises to be a unique and transformative experience, uniting music, nature, and sustainability in a celebration of the sunset. As attendees immerse themselves in the captivating performances and magical atmosphere, they will also be encouraged to reflect on the beauty of our planet and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Tickets on sale 10am Wednesday 14th June from


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