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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: SÂLO

SÂLO is an artist that we first discovered whilst on the hunt for DJs to play our last event at Old Red Bus Station. When we came across one of her bloc2bloc sets, her effortless blends of ferocious jungle and face-melting drum & bass heaters were all we needed to see. After completely tearing it down at Old Red, DJ, producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist SÂLO has bounded triumphantly from success to success, with her continued bloc2bloc residency, the release of jungle track 'Goin' Gets Ruff', and the achievement of hitting 1,000,000 streams on her collaboration with Bassboy. We wanted to pick her brains and find out what she recommends that you put in your shopping basket during today's Bandcamp Friday.

Gossamer EP- Tokyo Prose

An amazing track from Tokyo Prose, an artist I’ve recently been listening to a lot. I really love how smooth this liquid track is with its sombre tones throughout the song. The piano especially creates a warm atmosphere along with the ambient vocals present in the track. Although this song will be out in a week’s time, it is definitely one to pre-order ASAP!

Listen HERE.

Stranjah & Fox - Inya

This is quite a big contrast to my first song, my second choice ‘Inya by Stranjah & Fox has a lot of dark elements in with a slow rhythm throughout with bursts of fast, rolling drums surprising you as a listener. It is 100% a big favourite of mine.

Listen HERE.

Rising High - Coco Bryce

Coco Bryce has a very unique style to them, bringing back the breaks from the ’90s whilst still having a modern sound within the tracks. His song ‘Rising High’ is an example of this. The slow-building song leads to an array of breaks that Bryce throws you into, I absolutely love his work and is another artist that I have found myself listening to more and more on a daily basis. 

Listen HERE.

Swandive- Sully

Swandive by Sully is a very impressive track, this producer definitely pays a lot of attention to detail. The breaks he uses are very glitchy and has a very powerful impact when they come in as the song drops. One of my favourite parts is before the drop, the build-up before the small silence and it drops you into this crazy glitchy world. It creates a very dark atmosphere which I love.

Listen HERE.

Salute to the Sun- Matthew Halsall

An entirely different genre to the others, one song I have come across which I am very excited for the release for is ‘Salute to the Sun’ by Matthew Halsall. A long 10-minute jazz piece with different instruments flowing in and out of each other. What sounds like a kalimba starts off the whole piece and leads you off into a relaxing journey that this track takes you on. The song has a lot of space within it which allows the different musicians to work well with each other and complement each other incredibly well. Pre-order his album which comes out 20th November. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest when it’s released.

Listen HERE.

Together is a Beautiful Place to Be- Nubya Garcia

Nubya Garcia is one of my absolute favourite musicians. Her sax playing is mesmerising to hear. In her recent album ‘SOURCE’, there was one song that really stood out to me personally which is named ‘Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be’, starting with the keys and bass the song introduces Nubya as the sax comes in softly, she takes over however in a balanced manner so that the keys and bass are still well present in the song. You can hear in little pauses, the keys coming through with a smooth lick here and there throughout the piece. At some moments in the song, the attention is drawn back to the keys player (Daniel Casimir) again as he wows us with his melodies and chord progressions.

Listen HERE.


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