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BabyStep Bandcamp Picks: Kessler

When we first spoke to Kessler, it as on the eve of his debut EP release on Yellow Island Records. Packed with boisterous bass lines and ferocious breakbeat rhythms, 'Pandemonium EP' set the tone for the exciting career that was inevitably set to ensue. Several months down the line and, despite lockdown, Belfast-born Kessler shows no signs of slowing down, with his success snowballing week by week. There's plenty to keep an eye out for in the near future; shows on Rinse FM, Hoer, and Operator just to name a few, and some big news on the way in regards to EPs, so keep 'em peeled...

This week, we had a chat with Kessler to find out what he's been listening to, and he's put together this list of thumping Bandcamp recommendations for you to soundtrack your weekend with. Enjoy!

Woozy001- Woozy

Wann Ireland! Killer release from close to home. All tracks do the trick but Yushh – Team Boot takes the podium for me. Big ups EMA & Sputnik One

Listen HERE.

BSN Posse ‘Southern Comfort’

Love the jazzy smooth grooves in this one, whilst also pretty jacking.

Listen HERE.

Sneaker Social Club ‘Evident Ware LP’

Really makes me miss raves. What an amazing collection of producers, hard to pick a favourite from this one because the quality is great.

Listen HERE.

Jabes ‘Klunk002’

One of the most interesting producers ive came across. Love the blends of electronica and breakbeat rhythms. Immense sound design.

Listen HERE.

Release of the year for me. Everything Sully touches is gold. Badman.

Listen HERE.

Mani Festo ‘All Night’ -

Pre-ordered the vinyl as soon I heard it. Killer release from one of my favourite labels for a while and that artwork is ghastly! Shout out the crew Denham Audio, LMajor, Borai & AK Sports. Also keep your eyes peeled for their next release… ;)

Listen HERE.


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