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Atkiins: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Prepare for a scorching entrance as British producer ATKIINS readies his debut single 'Burning'. This crossover breaks gem is set to blaze a trail, featuring the captivating vocals of fellow rising star Émilie Rachel.

From the shadows of production wizardry for Rudimental, Sigrid, and Jess Bays, ATKIINS emerges front and center with his confident and captivating debut. The track exudes a weighty allure, blending emotive string samples and a growling bassline that intertwine seamlessly with Émilie Rachel's smoldering, hook-laden vocals.

London-based Émilie Rachel's vocal prowess takes center stage, creating an intoxicating fusion that delivers the ultimate dancefloor experience. 'Burning' is a harmonious blend of peaktime dancefloor allure, pop perfection, and intricate musicality, igniting an irresistible fire that's impossible to resist.

ATKIINS' inaugural single is poised to set dancefloors ablaze, heralding the arrival of a talent that's been honing his craft behind the scenes. With 'Burning', ATKIINS steps into the limelight, setting the stage for a thrilling journey ahead." We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sound, enjoy!

Roni Size, Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag

When New Forms came out I had it on repeat for weeks, the whole album is amazing but Brown Paper Bag for me just felt so fresh - still does even all these years later. It’s soulful, jazziness mixed with the clean breakbeat just felt so unique & new.

Prodigy - Voodoo People

As with most future electronic dance music producers growing up in the 90s, it couldn’t really be understated how much The Prodigy had an impact on me. The Fat Of The Land I must of worn out on CD however it was Voodoo People from Jilted Generation that got me onto them in the first place. I remember hearing it first in the ‘96 film Hackers, a film I have watched countless times and both have had a massive impact on me. Much like the way that The Prodigy stood out from most other acts at the time, I wanted to do that with this new ATKIINS alias.

Art Of Noise - Metaforce (Rhythm Masters remix)

This has to be probably one of my favourite remixes of all time. I remember hearing Fatboy Slim playing it and thinking “I want to make stuff like this” - it has so much energy and keeps changing throughout. It’s probably one of the reasons why in every track I make I want it to have a certain unique moment or hook, something unique to that track.

Plump DJs ‎– Elastic Breaks (Mixmag Feb 2001)

Ok, this is a bit of a cheat to include a DJ mix but this one is pretty iconic and really introduced me to the world of breaks. With tracks from Freq Nasty, DJ Icey and of course the Plumps it really had the cream of the crop as far as breaks goes at the time and was meticulously mixed.

Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff - Summertime (Hybrid remix)

This one featured on one of my favourite ever compilations, New School vs Old School. A bunch of new producers at the time took on old school tracks and gave them a fresh remix. The album is just fire track after fire track with some amazing breakbeat on it but it was Hybrid’s mix of Summertime that I played over and over. The track starts out so mellow with the strings but soon flips when the breakbeat kicks in - just a masterclass in giving a track a whole new direction.


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