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Asynchrone's Debut Album 'Plastic Bamboo' Reverberates with Ryuichi Sakamoto's Legacy

Prepare to be swept away by the revolutionary sounds of Asynchrone as they unveil their debut album 'Plastic Bamboo'. Born from the meeting of Parisian free jazz and electro scenes in 2021, this collective pays homage to the late Japanese legend, Ryuichi Sakamoto. The journey began with the release of their 'Kling Klang' EP in summer 2022, and now, on September 29, 2023, they're set to unleash their full artistic prowess via the Nø Førmat! label (home to Ballaké Sissoko and Oumou Sangaré).

While it's often posthumously that we fully grasp an artist's brilliance, Sakamoto's genius was acknowledged long ago. Asynchrone, fans of the maestro's work, embarked on a quest in 2020 to delve into his music, pushing its boundaries into uncharted realms. The result is 'Plastic Bamboo', an album that goes beyond tribute, exploring his diverse repertoire with free jazz abandon and an infectious passion for musical exploration.

Despite the coincidental timing of the album's release, following Sakamoto's passing in March 2023, 'Plastic Bamboo' isn't a somber farewell but a vibrant musical conversation with the architect's legacy. The album thrives on vivacity and potential, capturing the essence of a future that Sakamoto's absence cannot dampen.

Frederic Soulard, co-founder of Asynchrone and a Paris-based electronic musician, shared, "We wanted to take a varied selection of his music in a direction where free jazz meets electronics, with this sense of liberty and just mixing it all together." This freedom is palpable in the album's eclectic, boundary-defying compositions.

Teaming up with Clément Petit, an innovative cellist whose classical training blends effortlessly with Afro-American, Caribbean, hip-hop, and electronic influences, Asynchrone creates a mesmerizing blend. Together with a roster of versatile musicians, including Delphine Joussein on flute, Hugues Mayot on saxophone, Manuel Peskine on piano, and Vincent Taeger on drums, the collective breathes life into Sakamoto's work.

'Plastic Bamboo' reimagines well-known tracks like 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' and Yellow Magic Orchestra's 'Behind The Mask', while diving into deeper cuts from Sakamoto's early eighties albums. The album embraces freedom and innovation, much like Sakamoto's own legacy. It's an ode to creative independence, mirroring the artist's boundary-pushing spirit.

Asynchrone's 'Plastic Bamboo' stands as a testament to Sakamoto's influence, bridging the past with the future and crafting an exhilarating sonic journey that defies conventions.

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