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A night at ‘Kew The Music’ with headliner, The Vamps.

Kew the Music, an annual music festival hidden among the picturesque backdrop of Kew Gardens, once again proved to be a stunning night of entertainment, where festival goers can enjoy the warmth of the summer sun on their picnic blankets, or dancing upfront to their favourite artist. This year's event was truly a memorable one, thanks to an excellent lineup that included the incredible talents of Henry Moodie, New Hope Club, and headliners, The Vamps. The evening began with Henry Moodie, whose performance captivated the audience right from the start. Opening with the heartfelt "18," he set the tone for an emotionally charged set. One of the highlights was his rendition of Taylor Swift's "Antihero," showcasing his love for the star as the crowed sang along. Henry Moodie's smooth vocals and interaction with his fans created an inviting atmosphere, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in his music. A perfect opener for the evening.

Following Henry Moodie's set, New Hope Club took to the stage and instantly captured the attention of the crowd with their infectious energy. Performing some of their fan favourites, Blake, George & Reece they had everyone on their feet, singing along and dancing to their catchy tunes. The band's impromptu performance of a fan-requested song, titled "Fixed", demonstrated their genuine connection with their audience and their willingness to go the extra mile to make the night truly special.

Finally, The Vamps took centre stage, and the atmosphere reached an absolute high. With their drummer Tristan warming up the crowd with a drum solo, the audience screamed as the band took to the stage. The Vamps' 90-minute set was a testament to their decade-long career, featuring an impressive lineup of their greatest hits. Songs like "Last Night," "Can We Dance," and "Married in Vegas" had the entire audience singing along at the top of their lungs which could be heard throughout the Gardens. Brad, James, Tristan and Connor’s showmanship was flawless, as they took charge of the stage with their engaging performance. As the sun was setting, the infectious energy kept growing as the band performed each song, as well as making the whole show feel personal and intimate, despite the festival setting. As the night came to a close, the atmosphere lingered in the air, leaving a lasting impression on everyone that attended. The Vamps' performance at Kew the Music was one to remember, even some fans taking to Twitter saying it was their “favourite Vamps gig” they’d ever been to! Kew the Music creates a wonderful place to unite music lovers, and The Vamps' stunning performance illustrated this sentiment. It was an unforgettable evening with a breathtaking natural setting with extraordinary talent, creating a fusion of both music and nature that left an impact on all those lucky enough to be part of it.

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