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Getting To Know: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is part of the thriving scene of producers and DJs emerging from Leeds, collaborating with ReadyMeal Sound vocalist Pixie Cola on his latest track Come Over Here. Released on the 9th of September, this track oozes all the energy of our summer-that-should-have-been: combining Pixie’s effortless and soulful vocals with bright steelpans and a huge drum and bass beat. And of course, Come Over Here cannot help but bring with it a glorious sense of nostalgia in sampling Mura Masa’s notorious track Lovesick - a song that itself exudes the serenity and warmth of summer.

We spoke to Zeitgeist about the making of this new song, getting onto the music scene and his inspirations for producing.

Congrats on the release of Come Over Here, featuring ReadyMeal’s Pixie Cola. What is this track inspired by, and how did this collaboration come about? Thank you! It’s been finished for ages, so I’m gassed everyone’s finally gonna get to hear it. I came across Pixie through a housemate last year & was instantly blown away by how much soul & power she has in her voice. This was a couple weeks before my event in November, so I thought it was only right to ask her to perform. The moment of the night was her rendition of On My Mind, as I double dropped it into a heavy garage classic. This mix of a gritty bassline and hard-hitting vocals served as the inspiration and template for our track. Definitely expect another one from us in 2021!

How have you found staying creative this year, especially in these isolating times? It’s been difficult in parts, I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from seeing sick live sets, not having that has definitely left a gap. At the same time all this free time has enabled me to learn a shit tonne of production techniques to try and get my music sounding as professional as possible. I think it’s safe to say music has definitely kept me going. How long have you been making music for, and what first drove you to take producing and mixing seriously? I first properly started mixing about 3 years ago, my mum has always had 1210 turntables and bare 90’s jungle vinyl but stupidly I didn’t take advantage of that until then. In terms of production I had always intended to learn but I kept putting it back. That was until Chase & Status’ set at Notting Hill Carnival last year. Never before had I witnessed such a ridiculous vibe, it felt like there wasn’t a single inhibition in the entire crowd. This was really a moment for me, I just remember thinking I have to do this whatever it takes. Your track Ultrazeit Beam has done incredibly well on Soundcloud – what was your inspiration for this? Is this the sort of direction you’re hoping to steer your music? Love for that! I’m still really surprised by how well it’s been received with it being my first release. I’ve always thought Ultralight Beam was a magical song, so when Kanye dropped a new gospel choir version, I felt compelled to do my own take on it. Finally, what can we expect next from Zeitgeist? More peng tracks and wicked collaborations with some seriously talented artists! Just finishing up a track with Nia Archives, that one will be special. I also plan to do more vocal work as well as branching out into other genres, the resurgence of the UKG scene is sick to see - so expect a garage track from me in the near future.

Come Over Here ft. Pixie Cola is out now.

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