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Red Hot Chilli Peppers' John Frusciante is Releasing an Album Inspired By Breakbeat, Hardcore, a

On 23rd of October, Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Guitarist John Frusciante will be releasing a new album on Venetian Snares' Timesig label. However, a world away from riffs and rock, 'Maya' will be a turbulent foray into the world of breakbeat, hardcore, and jungle.

Named after his recently deceased cat, 'Maya' is a perhaps inevitable step in Frusciante's career, as his passion for the world of electronic music has been demonstrable since the early noughties in which he regularly attended d'n'b raves in LA, and released various acid techno EPs under the alias Trickfinger.

Discussing the album Frusciante explained: "I don't have that interest in singing or writing lyrics like I used to. The natural thing when I'm by myself now, is to just make music like the stuff being released this year. I really love the back and forth with machines and the computer."

The 9 track album will be available to download on October 23rd, and we are extremely excited to see what he has in stall for us.

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