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Faithless Return With First New Single In 10 Years

Faithless have returned with their first new single in 10 years. Featuring Suli Breaks and Nathan Ball, this track is an optimistic and youthful number with an accompanying video that reflects the carefree nature of summertime as a young person.

'This Feeling' is a million miles away from what most Faithless fans will be used to. It doesn't have that club compatibility of their earlier releases, but rather trades in driving rave-ready edge for a far tamer and light hearted atmosphere. The track carries a general message of positivity, with a spoken word section discussing the nostalgia of happier times.

One main criticism since its release has been the absense of Maxi Jazz. Many see his smooth sinister vocals as an iconic and essential component of Faithless' sound, and without him, it certainly is an entirely different experience.

However, many are just happy to have them back. When discussing the song, the duo said that "It’s a song that we think captures - lyrically and musically - the remembrance of great summers past, out in the streets with your mates, but also the warmth of now, of less clothes, of possibility friendships, summer nights, dancing.”. So whilst 'This Feeling' doesn't quite pack the punch that Faithless tracks once did, with everything that's going on in the world at the moment, maybe this is exactly what we need.

Listen below.

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