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BabyStep's New Music Friday #2

We're delighted to bring you another week of of our top picks released this Friday. It's been an eventful week where Boris Johnson's easing of lockdown restrictions were maybe taken a bit too literally as thousands of beach-goers reenacted a game of Where's Wally in Bournemouth's beaches, whilst Jurgen Klopp shed tears after Liverpool's 30 year wait for a league win. Indeed, it has been a surreal week, one where the realities of no longer being furloughed and returning to work feel all to real, especially after such lovely weather. In this time of unprecedented change & uncertainty there is one consistent source of enjoyment to reliquish any stress, this is of course BabySteps New Music Friday. Despite almost everything else being down the pan at the moment, musicians have stood strong and provided us with some truly wonderful releases. Enjoy.

Kelly Lee Owens - On

Kelly Lee Owens has shared another taster of her upcoming new album – listen to ‘On’ below. The track comes with an atmospheric new video, and follows recent tracks ‘Night’ and ‘Melt!’. All three tracks will appear on new album ‘Inner Song’, which will come out in August. Speaking of ‘On’, Owens says: “This is perhaps the most intimate and personal song I’ve written so far – the two halves of the track reflect upon sad acceptances of the truth and then the joyous aftermath of liberation that can come from that.

Interplanetary Criminal - The Way

A great track from upcoming producer who is affiliated with the likes of E-Beamz, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Seagrave, Sneaker Social Club, Dansu Discs, Of Paradise, Banoffee Pies Record. This release is one of our favourites so far and we have no doubt it'll be getting plenty of love on livestreams, however what really excites us in when we can hear it on a dancefloor .

Lone x KETTAMA - The Way You Feel

Lone and KETTAMA met at Glastonbury festival last year after being booked together for a B2B DJ set. Although they had never DJ’ed together before their styles complimented each other perfectly and it was only natural that they get in the studio together. The EP features one collaborative track and an original each from both artists, but the way the tracks fit together, you could be forgiven for thinking the whole EP was collaborative.

Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello

Following her 2019 EP You’re A Dog!, singer, songwriter and producer Remi Wolf has released a brand new EP dubbed I’m Allergic To Dogs! via EMI Records/Island Records. The EP consists of five vibrant tracks such as “Down The Line,” “Woo!,” “Hello Hello Hello,” “Photo ID” and “Disco Man.” Featuring a blend of organic and synthetic sounds, Wolf delivers an effortless display of her smooth pop/soul vocals.

Khruangbin - Connaissais de Face

With a whirlwind of success elevating the band to greater heights, you might expect a rushed third album – but Khruangbin neatly surprises with ‘Mordechai’. Underscored with memories and love for Houston, a city that shaped the trio, ‘Mordechai’ is the album on which they allow us further into their mysterious world. Our standout track on the Album is Connaissais de Face.

Bobbi's Second World (Confidence Man Remix)

Our favourite funsters are keeping us waiting but in the meantime they have cooked up a remix storm on The Orielles’ ‘Bobbi’s Second World’. The remix is slow out the gates but builds to a gently throbbing dubby take on Deee-Lite.

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