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George Bloomfield Bursts Onto Leeds Scene with new track 'Twelfth'

Bursting onto the Leeds scene with a slice of sunshine funk is composer and producer George Bloomfield. Released May 22nd, ‘Twelfth’ is Bloomfield’s first foray as a solo artist, having previously played as part of jazz, funk and neo-soul collective, Mondo Bizarre.

‘Twelfth’ is beautifully arranged and instantly soothing. Sitting alongside his contemporaries, Bloomfield’s track echoes melodies from the likes of KOKOROKO and Skinshape. Gentle by nature, the harmonics dapple across the track like raindrops and perfectly complement the steady chords that glide throughout. Thanks to the contributions of fellow Leeds musicians Alex Harrod (saxophone), Elena Platt (trumpet) and Freya Thompson (flute), the horns weave in and out before coming together in a harmonious ecstasy. Clearly at home with his guitar, Bloomfield’s talent shines in his solo midway through before he gently brings the track to a blissful conclusion.

With the promise of plenty more tracks on the way, Bloomfield stands out as one to watch for this summer.

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