KIT captures the uncertainty of modern day life with new release 'My Brain'

May 11, 2020

The track My Brain was released April 24th this year and there is yet to be better song to
listen to during lockdown. The song is about the everyday perturbations that are intensified
by the technology we surround ourselves with. “And I hate this fucking phone, makes me
feel stoned. Everyone so involved.” Especially in the contemporary climate of isolation, it is
almost impossible not to pin yourself against various Instagram and Facebook posts about
the “grind” and how this is a perfect opportunity to “grow.” (Personally, the only “growing”
I am achieving is the width of my waistline.) This epoch is a staggeringly stressful time, and
paradoxically we take to screens as a form of escapism, yet the ‘blue light from devices…can
be disruptive to your sleep and overall wellbeing.’ (The Independent, 2020). My Brain
captures the essence of this time of uncertainty and stress, and although not written for this
period, is the perfect remedy to calm the exhaustion brought on by doing nothing. This is
because the song explains perfectly how most of us feel. Not just through KIT’s lyrics, but
the stripped-back jazz and hip-hop beat assuages the quarantine blues and allows you to
“float away.” It is the type of song you put on repeat and never tire of.

KIT is a multifaceted Leeds-based artist, whose talents include drumming, photography,
and filmmaking. He has performed at prominent venues including Ronnie Scotts and the O2
Academy Islington. KIT uses jazz and hip-hop influences to create his music, part of the new
scene of surfacing artists using the ménage-à-trois of hip-hop, jazz, and rap in their
masterpieces. My Brain features Amsterdam based artist B.Fisher, who adds a different tone,
allowing the song to reach new depths; “sound like he was my brain coming to life.” This
exciting dyad plan on working together again to create more mellifluous music.


The song’s visuals were released April 25th , which decorates the song, almost portraying
what we might think the inside of our brain looks like. Dark frames with neon lights could be
mimicking electronic signals, and the frame occasionally jittering, almost like a malfunction
of overloading anxieties in the mind. The visuals and lyrics beautifully meld together to enable KIT to express himself in these troubling times. KIT has masterfully created a song which does not require
visuals to make it a hit, however, the video released compliments the song, but at the same
time does not drag you away from the song itself. KIT intends to hone his technicality as a
jazz drummer, and expand his music with “more live play and feeling…instead of samples
and purely electronic sounds.” He plans on experimenting with his craft as he admits “I find
a lot of people’s music these days (including my own) too linear.” This musical maturity to
recognise where his talent can expand will ensure My Brain will be among a plethora of hits
to come.

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