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King Nun release explosive new track Chinese Medicine

King Nun are a band that prescribe perfect catharsis through their music. The West London four-piece are unhinged, irrepressible, yet glide in a way that sweeps you off the floor and gets you stomping out any stress. New track 'Chinese Medicine', the first material from the band's forthcoming EP, is the antidote to any repressed negativity.

The drums and guitar swagger in unison, shaking you like a soda bottle. Then the chorus comes in and knocks the cap off, bursting any inhibition and possessing you to chase something that's running away from you. It's a track that picks you up and shakes you down, inspiring you to get up and go.

Like with King Nun's other releases, you can almost hear their hunger for more. It's certainly undeniable that this band is going to reach visceral new heights in the near future.

The track is available now:

Meg Firth

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