In Review: black midi at Leeds Irish Centre

Even before black midi set foot in Leeds, their popularity with the musically experimental crowd here was apparent. Though only forming as a group three years ago, their rapid rise to popularity was reflected in their gig’s immediate ticket sell-out at local music spot, Brudenell Social Club. Moved to the higher capacity Leeds Irish Centre, the crowd was far from a certain demographic as people of all ages surged into the venue on Wednesday night. Warming up the crowd was support act Ill Japonia, the solo project of psychedelic band BO NINGEN’s Taigen Kawabe. A lone figure onstage, his shouts and cries pierced the underlying trap beats, vocalising arrhythmically in both English and Japanese.

Parasite at Hyde Park Picture House: Endearing, Hilarious, Brutal

Since Parasite hit the silver screen, the South-Korean comedy-thriller has been praised for originality and entertainment value. Incidentally, this comes as the iconic Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds prepares to shut down for 12 months of restoration. This felt like the perfect opportunity to experience a great work of cinema, but also pay homage to our local theatre before a bittersweet period of downtime. Parasite (2019) Hyde Park Picture House (1915) After living in the area for a few years, it’s easy to forget how special Hyde Park Picture House is. The First World War-era establishment is the last remaining gaslit cinema in the UK, but visiting the grand little building seems to be on

Review: Ladies Lovin'- The Debut

With musical events providing a newfound backbone for culture and identity, finding room in the market for something new and fresh can be challenging. The night life industry tends to be mostly male dominated, with male DJs, organisers and door staff serving as the norm for the majority of clubs and events companies. Following this, for Ruby Savill-Downs and Millie-Beth Wright, the absence of women in the night time industry stood out as a prevalent issue that needed addressing. As a response to the success of their radio show ‘Ladies Lovin’ - airing Tuesdays on the Leeds Student Radio (LSR) - Ruby and Millie decided to put on their own event, celebrating and aiding the placement of women in

Album Review: Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Think of Tame Impala, and it’s easy to conjure up images of swirling, psychedelic colour; the distant sounds of innovative, infectious bass riffs probably already ringing in your ears. This is the legacy of 2015's Currents, an album which came to be absolutely seminal for Kevin Parker. After such heightened success, there was clearly much to reflect on for Parker over the past five years and out of this reflection, The Slow Rush was born. Of course, the first question is always going to be whether The Slow Rush can compare to the beloved Currents – the answer is not yet clear. With his fourth release, Parker has crafted something which thematically and tonally feels worlds away from the mela

Track Review: The Strokes' 'At The Door'

Some seven years since the release of their last album, ‘Comedown Machine’, The Strokes have emerged with a newfound sound. Performing a benefit gig in support of Bernie Sander’s US presidential bid, the New York 5-piece announced the upcoming release of their new studio endeavour, ‘The New Abnormal’, on April 10th. Subsequently, the band shared the album’s lead track, ‘At the Door’, along with a music video which cuts together a series of animated clips in the style of a 90’s cartoon. Featuring rabid rabbits and mystical aliens of intergalactic worlds, the video – directed by Mike Burakoff – looks like something plucked straight from the superhero show ‘He-Man’. Opening with an eerie and ce

Styling Resistance: When Political Protest meets Fashion

The Uniform of the Black Panther Party Since the construction of fashion standards and ideals during the Renaissance, how we choose to dress has become significantly more complex than simply a matter of what will best keep us warm. Clothing is no longer merely a practical measure but a language of expression, a visual signifier of power, economics and individuality. Throughout history, counter-culture movements have harnessed, manipulated and experimented with the established fashion conventions of a particular society in order to communicate resistance, collectivity and an idealistic identity. The meaning created in such visual rhetoric has the potential to be both transformative and timele

Music of the Month: January 2020

We’re constantly on the lookout for amazing music new and old, and each month we share our favourite discoveries with our readers. The motto: “Broaden some horizons”. 3 songs of varying genres. 1 cover song that we love for some reason or another. 1 essential album to hear before you die. Song #1 – ‘Water No Get Enemy’ (Fela Kuti) Fela Kuti was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, human rights activist, and political activist. Before his death in 1997, Kuti contributed for several decades to the pioneering of afrobeat, largely characterised by west African musical styles with influences from American jazz. Born into the British Empire, he found a voice through music, and later identified with T

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