Mac Miller: Circles Review - The Perfect Bow Out

Overcoming the “complicated process that had no right answer” the world has been granted the final workings of Mac Miller’s masterpiece Circles. Preaching feelings of hope and self care, Jon Brion worked tirelessly to release Miller’s last words to his fans. His alternative creativity opens up a whole new side to his troubled past, using melodic beats to create a sound that contrasts to Miller’s previous “rap” boy style. The world was left in pure dismay after his tragic death in late 2018, just weeks after the release of his album Swimming, the world was left in pure dismay. Closure was not just a want of his fan base, but a necessity that gave fans one last farewell to their beloved Ma

The Blue Print: Interview with Jungle Brothers about 'I'll House You'

Who better to kick off our BluePrint series than The Jungle Brothers. We talked to group-member Bam (better known as Baby-Bam) about the track 'I'll House You'. He told us all about the process of making the hit, his expectations at the time, and the legacy the track has left. The Jungle Brothers are an American Hip hop group originating from New York. They began to perform in the mid-1980's, releasing their debut 'Straight Out the Jungle' in 1988. The group made a name for themselves by laying down classic beats, matched with Afrocentric lyrics. They were the founding members of The Native Tongues Collective, and attended school with the members of A Tribe Called Quest. One of the last trac

'Love Regenerator': Calvin Harris Returns Under New Alias After Dramatic Style Shift

Scottish born Adam Wiles, better known by his world-beating pseudonym of Calvin Harris, has been a staple in charts across the globe for over a decade. While his endeavors across this period haven’t always resonated with music fans as well as he would have hoped, one thing no one can accuse him of is letting his sound become stagnant. With every release, Calvin Harris has tweaked (or in some cases, completely flipped) his trademark production style. Having first burst onto the pop scene in 2007 with iconic hits like 'Acceptable in the 80s', he very quickly established himself as someone with a keen eye for a hook, and songwriting qualities of someone with 20 years of experience behind them.

Meet The Team: Kitty Abberton

As part of our 'Meet The Team' series, we spoke to Resident Artist Kitty Abberton. What followed was a great chat about how Kitty first got into art, how her style has changed, and what her hopes are for 2020. Please tell us your name, age, role in the magazine and what you currently do (i.e student or freelance writer etc) Hi, so my name is Kitty, I’m 22, and one of the resident artists at BabyStep. Currently I’m a freelance artist, with my finger in a vintage clothing shop shaped pie. Tell us how you got involved with BabyStep and what your role is within the magazine? I got involved in the magazine when I got contacted about doing a piece of art for us back in 2018. My role is to create p

1917: A Unique Depiction of a War Against Time

Sam Mendes’s Oscar-nominated 1917 is an odyssey of fortitude, fear, and military dynamism, set in the trenches of Northern France during the First World War. Famous for his fluid filming technique, Mendes returns to the oeuvre of the single-shot that awarded him credit for films such as Spectre (2015). Following the soldiers’ every move, Mendes treats the audience to a rawness and a grit of endeavor that is second-to-none. The plot follows two young soldiers, Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay), in a race against time to send a message – a message that has the potential to save over 1600 comrades of whom, unbeknown to them, are falling to

Interview: Gringoh discuss new single, evolving as a band and London's Music Scene

We Tell anyone who's not heard your new single 'Red Flower' abit about it? It’s a song we wrote about power, the idea of ’Red Flower’ was slight reference to the Jungle Book. In terms of style its a slow sensual song, with an old school cuban salsa influenced beat. We were influenced a lot by some traditional cuban salsa artists like ‘Kako and his orchestra’, and some of the old samba artists like ‘Cartola’. This time round you recorded a music video, what was that like as an experience? Yeah it was great! We wrote the song with a whole visual concept in mind. It was the kind of song we felt needed the video to complete it - we actually finished the song over a year ago. We wouldn’t of had a

Ralph Lawson announces he's leaving 28-year residency at Back To Basics

Ralph Lawson is leaving his residency at Back To Basics after 28 years behind the decks. Lawson played the first ever record (Marshall Jefferson presents Truth - ‘Open Your Eyes’) at the long running Leeds institution way back in November 23rd 1991. Using line-up posters as a reference, Lawson estimates that he has made around 700 appearances at the club over the years, and has played alongside a formidable array of international guests. In his recent blog that announced the end of his residency, he reminisces with memories of the great times had; "During my time at Back to Basics I have been fortunate to play alongside many of the finest live acts and DJs from around the world, and many wer

108.9: Interview with People Just Do Nothing's Steve Stamp (DJ Steves)

It's been 6 years since BBC Three first introduced us to a clan of hopelessly, and often endearingly, misguided Brentford residents. Following the story of Kurupt FM, a depressingly dysfunctional London-based pirate radio station, the show started out as a series of DIY Youtube webisodes. Following a snowballing popularity, People Just Do Nothing was granted a pilot episode by BBC, and from there, it has grown to become a widely adored mockumentary series that spans over 5 series, and, as of August 2020, a full length film. Amongst the other beloved characters of MC Grindah, Beats and Chabuddy G, we find the unfortunately not all too bright and yet relentlessly optimistic Steves. Often the o

Interview: COMPUTER DATA on California's House Scene and the Magic of Berlin

Like so many others, BabyStep discovered Brett Henderson, aka COMPUTER DATA, through YouTube. Blowing up on the site seems to have become a rite of passage for lo-fi house artists in the last 5 years; DJ Boring, for example, followed the same path. In 2018, San Francisco-based COMPUTER DATA released ‘Healing’, a wistful and emotional tune that has achieved a beloved status within the scene. As this release passes 2 million views, the artist behind it continues to grow. Naturally, we wanted to understand his journey, ideas for the future, and the underground mystery behind ‘Healing’. We reached out, and he opened up. Here is what COMPUTER DATA had to say: 'Healing' - COMPUTER DATA How did you

Change the System: An Interview with Environmental Activist and Independent Designer Jay S Williams,

Amid a crisis of fast fashion and an uncertain future, Jay S Williams- who founded the Empty Brains brand aged 17- creates clothing that is ethical, sustainable, and carries a prevalent message. We spoke to him about inspirations, Extinction Rebellion, and pivotal moments for the brand. Photo Courtesy of Nicole Shola Would you please tell us your name, your age, where you’re based and what you do? Jay S Williams, 20, Bristol, I run a small independent sustainable clothing brand called Empty Brains that makes punk reworks of second-hand clothing tackling political, social and environmental issues. How would you sum up the Empty Brains ethos? Empty Brains strives to create awareness of climate

Why #BAFTAsSoWhite isn’t a joke, and why nobody is laughing.

On the 7th of January, just days after the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the world was made privy to the hotly anticipated nominations for this year’s BAFTA awards. And, though it must be taken as a given that, when it comes to awards ceremonies based around celebrating the achievements of an industry that works to surreptitiously and systematically exclude the efforts of minorities, in spite of its overt attempts to pretend otherwise (yes, mandatory ‘diversity criteria’, I’m looking at you), it’s always good practice to manage your expectations. But, even given this predetermined lowering of expectations, it’s hard- in fact, I’d even go as far as to say impossible- to view this season’s nom

Meet The Team: Katherine Keir

As part of our 'Meet The Team' series we spoke to Bristol-based editor Katherine Keir, who recently won the award for 'Best Article' for BabyStep Magazine. What followed was a great chat about Katherines love of Bristol, favourite music and aims for the new year. Please could you tell us your name, role in the magazine and what you currently do? I’m Kat, I’m a features writer and I currently work in education and live in Bristol. What does BabyStep mean/represent to you? Babystep to me is a celebration of a lot of things: creativity, music, arts, expression. And I think most importantly it is a platform to celebrate these things, but also offers space to critique them as well, which is equal

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