Amelie Lens: Taking the electronic dance scene by storm

I first discovered my love for techno when I was living in Leeds. I would spend my days buried in books, and by night buried underground in the dark and intimate Distrikt bar, pumping out electronic, house and techno music every night until the early hours. I was infatuated with the likes of Hot since 82, Patrick Topping and Green Velvet who have accumulated a large fan base over the years for their predominantly tech/house tracks. However, I don’t think I really understood just how vast and rich the world of techno was until my Dutch friend sent me an extensive playlist of European hardcore/ minimal/acid techno stemming from Germany, Belgium and Holland. This is where I found the mesmerisin

Interview: Mungo’s Hi Fi talk Origins, Inspirations, and the charm of Leeds

The UK reggae and dub scene would be hard to imagine without Mungo’s Hi Fi. The collective formed in Glasgow in 2000 and has always championed collaboration. Over the years, they have grown to amass millions of listens on Spotify, and their bass-heavy sets are now well-established at festivals around the world. Earlier this year Mungo’s released their new album More Fyah with vocalist Eve Lazarus, and this Saturday they are gracing the Leeds Student Union with a set that will undoubtedly reflect the release’s name. As that night draws nearer, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with Doug Paine, co-founder of Mungo’s Hi Fi and accompanying label Scotch Bonnet Records. We began

In Review: Honeyblood's Leeds show proves the perfect end to UK Tour

The newly refurbished main gig room at Brudenell Social Club was the last stop on Honeyblood’s extensive UK tour, they warmly welcomed the Leeds faithful with their punchy new single ‘Bubble Gun’. The punky riffs are delivered energetically and are accompanied by equally bitey and rhythmic vocals, persuading the crowd to sway and to assuage any doubts that the now solo venture of Stina Tweeddale still hits hard. Since the departure of drummer Cat Myers, Stina was accompanied on stage by former Charli XCX drummer Deborah Knox-Hewson and Anna Donigan, former PINS bassist. Nostalgia suddenly hits as we are transported back to 2014 with ‘Biro’ and ‘Choker’: the flawless vocals continued througho

A Formidable Return: Detroit Swindle's blistering set at Freedom Mills

You would be hard-pressed in finding a more dynamic live act than Detroit Swindle at the moment. Now bathing in the glow of an utterly formidable rise, their return to Leeds resulted in a pulsating but nevertheless measured set which seemingly propelled them into the electronic stratosphere. With a swell of acclaimed releases under their belt, Swindle have been able to dominate the decks at clubs as iconic as London’s very own Fabric in recent years. Yet on their return to Leeds it was clear that they had traded glitz and glam for intimacy; the duo instead opted for the warm cobblestones of Freedom Mills, a hidden gem of the city’s nightlife - and a venue that always seems capable of conjuri

Conservative Party release 'lo-fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to'

In a surprising turn of events the Conservative Party have released a lo-fi 'Boriswave' video on YouTube, which acts as a last-ditch attempt to save the parties public image which is crumbling by the day. The video that lasts for an agonising 71 minutes is titled lo-fi ‘Boriswave’ video “to relax/get Brexit done to”. The video features a playlist of supposedly 'strong and stable music' with a backdrop of Boris Johnson sat on a train reading his manifesto. Just when you think a video couldn't get any worse the voice of Boris himself cuts in saying 'we've gotta get Brexit done'. There is an abundance of propaganda that is blared out during the video, one of the worst being a snippet of Johnson

Interview: LIFE on playing festivals, their recent album & Brexit

Hailing from the North of England, Post Punk band ‘LIFE’ are no strangers to the live circuit. Now with several tours and a multitude of releases under their belt, the band have emerged as a distinctive leading figure in the UK’s underground scene. We recently caught up with lead singer Mez after their headline set at Hyde Park Book Club. For our readers who don’t know, who are you and what’s your music all about? We’re a band called LIFE; we’re from Hull and we’re very proud of our roots. We’re a very community driven band and we incorporate all sorts of people in our team. We are honest, we write what we write about. Our most recent album ‘A Picture of Good Health’ is very much about me an

Racism in Football: The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly

It feels like only yesterday, in the midst of a heatwave, that the prospect of football actually coming home was a reality. England’s valiant efforts created a sense of unity during a time when our nation has never felt more divided. People from all walks of life flocked to the nearest beer gardens to see if our boys could really do it. Although the three lions weren’t victorious, the tournament showcased football’s ability to harbour solidarity. The euphoria which the events of that summer produced are all but a distant memory as in recent times sickening discrimination by a minority of fans has infiltrated the game across all levels.England’s 6-0 thrashing of Bulgaria was overshadowed

Undone: The Amazon Original Series using Sci-Fi and ground-breaking animation to explore how we perc

The Amazon original series ‘Undone’, which debuted on September 13th, is inarguably something new: the 8-part series, which consists of short 22-minute episodes and boasts an excellent cast including Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk and Alita’s Rosa Salazar, is unique in it’s ability to be both a time-travelling Science-fiction crime drama, as well as a deeply intimate portrayal of trauma, bereavement and mental illness which explores how we perceive reality- all peppered with a wealth of humorous moments of realism- without ever breaking a sweat. The series weaves a surprisingly high volume of important themes, questions and debates into its fabric with incredible ease: race, colonialism, class,

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