Label Spotlight: Learn Fear Records

Bradford is the home of a new hub of talent, in the form of brand new record label collective, Learn Fear Records. Named after a David Hockney artwork, they combine the work of musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers to put out a wide array of exciting content from local innovators. Their latest output comes from LELO with their single “I’ll Be Fine” which comes alongside a music video directed by Ben Hale. Singer Ronan Peaker describes the track: “I think breaking up with a partner is very similar to mourning – there’s this overwhelming sea of emotion that takes over; anger, bitterness, sadness. But there’s also the fear of facing the unknown without this person – your rock by your side.

'Slow Clap for DJ Mag’: the Top 100 list that’s stuck in the past

Back in 2011, The Guardian published an article titled ‘Why are there no female DJs on DJ Mag’s top 100 list?’; jump forward 8 years, and now a whopping great total of only 7 female DJs have found themselves deserving of a space in the 2019 top 100 list. Somehow, Your EDM takes a positive outlook in their article dissecting the list, stating that ‘women continue to rise’... but really, in 8 years, can we truly call a jump from zero to seven female artists progress? It is undeniable that, for many years, the DJ scene has been somewhat of a boy’s club, with the presence of women severely lacking. But, honestly, this isn’t the case anymore, and several of the scene’s prominent figures have take

Skream Open To Close In Leeds

For the next two months Skream will be providing nightlong DJ sets as his ‘Open to Close’ parties return across the UK and parts of the US. As one of the early innovators of dubstep, Oliver Dene Jones, known as Skream, continues to distance himself from the dubstep genre to focus on techno, house and disco. The Leeds iteration of the ‘Open to Close’ party was at The Warehouse. With DJs like Skream, who’s knowledge and use of various genres is so wide ranging, you just can't really predict what type of music they will be presented with. But beneath the various styles, the rigid kick drum of the techno beat that greeted us as we crossed the threshold relentlessly pounded on. The infrequent mom

Label Spotlight: 1Forty

In 3 years, 1Forty has grown from a small but impressive series of events into a leading UK independent label. With 24 releases to date from rising underground artists spanning across grime, UK funky, garage and bassline, the Leeds label is making big waves. Gaining recognition from the likes of Mixmag, Trench, DJ Mag and Complex and regular plays on BBC Radio 1, 1xtra, Rinse FM, Beats 1 and Reprezent, 1Forty has built a reputation for supplying only the best of homegrown UK sounds. We talked to label founder LOCKT about the journey so far and the road ahead for the imprint. What have been some highlights for you? I think without doubt the main highlight has to be the 1Forty Takeover on BBC

Talking Ethics: Interview with DJ Seinfeld

DJ Seinfeld is the pseudonym of Swedish DJ and producer Armand Jakobsson. He emerged several years ago and was instrumental in the lo-fi house scene which blew up towards the earlier part of this decade. In 2017 he released his debut album, Time Spent Away From U, a record which is as heartbreaking and introspective as it is groovy. He is also one of the youngest artists ever to curate an entry into the DJ-KiCKS series, for which he has received widespread acclaim. In addition to all of this, he has remixed tracks from the likes of George FItzgerald, Prospa, and Honey Dijon. He currently finds himself on the US leg of his worldwide Young Ethics tour, which coincides with the announcement of

Detroit Swindle announce Haloween Show at Freedom Mills

Following on from their sold-out show at last March in Leeds, ‘Detroit Swindle’ are set to return to Leeds once again on the 25th October. Hailing from Amsterdam, Electronic duo ‘Detroit Swindle’ have certainly cemented their status as forerunners in the European Music scene in recent years. A swell of releases on their independent label ‘Heist Recordings’ quickly garnered international recognition and served to accommodate their meteoric rise since the two started the project in 2011. Creating their unique sound based on both sample heavy tracks and live recordings, their eclectic influences range from French disco to Motown to Detroit house. This has culminated in a constant flurry of unde

Review: Everyday People ‘Small Islands’

Leeds based funk/soul band Everyday People take us on a heartfelt and authentic journey to ‘Small Islands’, a place of sunshine and smooth beats. The track begins as it means to go on, with nostalgia-infused vocals layered over groovy, poignant production. Minimalist instrumentation provides a chilled out canvas for dreamlike lyrics to meander their way amongst cheerful guitar riffs, sentimental organ and a gentle embankment of percussion. ‘Small Islands’ tells a tale of idealism, respite, and slow pacific living. A cathartic experimentation of Everyday People’s soulful sound, the track is as mellow as the emotions behind it. A progression of beautiful melancholy, ‘Small Islands’ envisions a

Interview: Crazy P's Chris Todd

Since the mid 90s, disco five-piece Crazy P have been delivering a consistent stream of uplifting grooves that, now spanning across 8 studio albums, are known all over the world. We had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Todd, founding member and guitarist, be fore his set at Belgrave Music Hall. Along with his work with Crazy P, Chris also writes and performs under the alias Hot Toddy, and had just returned from touring in America. For those who haven’t heard of you, how would you describe the sound of Crazy P? Well that’s always a difficult one to sum up. It’s a bit of a melting pot, isn’t it? Yeah, it is a bit! I guess we’ve come from, essentially, a disco-y, soulful kind of place. A lot

Context Collaborative- The Last Supper

The pop-up introduction of fresh fruit laid in jelly flour, sprouting through threaded-bare bags, accompanied us as we passed ornamenting rustic displays which were lined with knock-off mayonnaise. Wired men sat as music boxes played in the scented carpet collective, reflected in shadowed abstraction, puppets of human object reaction. Lined voices in humming chairs; last of the rings, facing walls both imagined and imaged concrete; the sliding shows veined linen scared it from full view. Wholesomeness’ sacred view; a past society gone askew, in full transparency made apparent how hard it is to bathe in wholesome talent. Spoken, sung, spring-ridden breaks, damns over hells less apparent, sold

Hope Foundry: A New Chapter for MAP

MAP Charity is an inspiring group of people who, over the last few years, have dedicated themselves to providing alternate education and qualifications to young people who would otherwise face exclusion from within the mainstream school system. They operate using what they refer to as as a 'unique model which is transforming how education and businesses interact, ensuring sustainable development opportunities.' MAP is based in the Hope Foundry- a historic listed building that has been their home for over a decade . Built at the start of the 19th century, Hope Foundry has seen a variety of functions pass through its door. However, most recently, the grim reaper of redevelop has turned its fat

The Rise of Lo-fi Music in Youth Culture

fidelity /fɪˈdɛlɪti/ [mass noun] “The degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.” In terms of music, fidelity is the measure of a recording’s faithfulness to the original version. The history of music is old, but the history of recording and production is not. The big question always was: “How can we record and reproduce sound waves at will?”. Thomas Edison solved this in 1877 with the invention of the phonograph cylinder, leaving musicians and producers worldwide forever in his debt. The stage was set, but the acoustics were off. For the next century, musical and scientific minds continually struggled to improve the quality of sound production. Countless inventi

Getting to Know: Elder Island

Bred in Bristol, Elder Island are a genre-defying breath of fresh air. Somehow blending elements of indie, house, and countless other tones, they emanate a truly original sound. This is something that is becoming increasingly harder to come by in modern music. After teasing the alternative scene with two EPs and a limited but beautiful collection of tunes like “The Big Unknown” and “Bamboo”, the trio have finally recorded their debut full-length album: “The Omnitone Collection”. Since the release earlier this year, Elder Island are yet to unleash their new repertoire live onstage for an eagerly awaiting fanbase. Luckily for us, the band’s 2019 UK tour kicks off in November. We recently caug

Thanks For The Memories: Canal Mills Shuts its Doors After 7 Years

Many will have come to know Canal Mills as a staple ingredient in the recipe of Leeds' notorious club culture. Since 2012, the venue has hosted an impressive plethora of musical events that have supplied the student population of the city with a consistent dosage of quality nightlife. Twelve hour NYE parties. Beer festivals. Garden Party- Canal Mills has seen a vast range of artists pass through its door, with an equally vast span of musical genres- it's safe to say that the venue will be sorely missed to many. But it's not all doom and gloom; Canal Mills have announced that, under a new club brand, there are several upcoming events to look forward to across Leeds. From Mall Grab to Skream,

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