In Review: Maiden Voyage Festival

The history books may remember the end of August 2019 for bringing us the end of British democracy, but I’ll remember it for the beginning of Maiden Voyage festival. Basked in sunlight on the historic Three Mills Island in east London, the day festival’s inaugural edition was a grand success, showcasing a variety of acts and a new way of doing festivals; all for the affordable price of £35. The Camden-based Jazz Cafe organised this new festival, and this is reflected in its vibrant aesthetics and a line-up packed with stars and up-and-coming artists alike. Aside from the names within the line-up, what was significant about Maiden Voyage was how there was no discernible hierarchy among the ar

Track Review: Jack Nugent // Turbulent Dreams

‘Turbulent Dreams’ begins by picking you up and placing you in a haunting echo chamber of sound and before long, the brawny breakbeat nestles itself at the forefront of the mix, where it remains for the majority of the run-time. We are then treated to a truly remarkable sample which creeps in and out of the track throughout, pretty much as it pleases. This clunky tone perfectly fills any gaps left by the main percussion and it brings a real sense of industrialism to track. Around the two-minute mark, everything that the track has built up so far momentarily cuts away. What we are left with is dark synth tones with soul stirring vocals scattered across them, before these synths are amplified

Album Review: Mac Demarco 'Here Comes the Cowboy'

The slack rocker’s melancholic fourth album gives us a lot to think about, and less to bounce around to. Anticipation was ripe for Demarco’s next project following on from the commercial and success of 2017’s ‘This Old Dog’. However, the release of the Canadian's first single ‘Nobody’ and the consequent album title were marred in controversy as many believed Mac had copied fellow singer songwriter ‘Mitski’: she too had released a single of the same name and an album called ‘Be the Cowboy’. Nevertheless, in typical Mac style he brushed this off and continued with the release of his latest EP; a heartfelt and tender album built upon a sparsity of orchestration hinted at in earlier recor

'I am The Chosen One': The Latest Public Headloss of Donald Trump

Following an astonishing flurry of puzzling statements issued by the American President this morning in a press conference on the White House lawn, it seems that the sanity of the Donald Trump has somehow been called even further into question than it already was. A few days ago, Trump tweeted an image which turned out to be a joke, but could have easily also been a genuine diagram plucked straight out of one of his business planning meetings. Upon the serene backdrop of a remote coastal village, a giant image of the Trump tower had been superimposed amongst the quaint rural cabins. The image was accompanied with the caption 'I promise not to do this to Greenland!' If you had seen this tweet

Boomtown Fair: A meeting of minds and music

Thousands of festival-goers woke up to the news that their long-awaited weekend of music and celebration was cancelled, as Boardmasters had to close its gates due to a severe weather warning. The torrential weather that halted proceedings in Newquay was most definitely felt in Winchester. Despite this, the wind and rain did by no means dampen the spirits of the Boomtown faithful. ‘A radical city’, the 11th chapter, positioned Boomtown in a predicament which mirrored the world we live in now; one deeply impacted by our use of its finite resources and one becoming a slave to its own creations. The line-up featured a number of household names, including the likes of Lauryn Hill, The Streets and

In Review: Tyler, The Creator's 'Igor'

"DONT GO INTO THIS EXPECTING ANY ALBUM" - Tyler tells fans to not assume with the new record. Alongside his highly anticipated new album, Tyler, The Creator gave us some advice on how to maximise the listening experience to its full potential. Tweeting in block capitals, Tyler informed, or warned us, that "Igor", pronounced eee-gore, was something unlike all his previous projects. This isn't Bastard, Goblin, Wolf, Cherry Bomb or even Flower Boy for that matter. Advising a real listening experience, front to back, with no distractions. To paint whatever picture, and form your own feelings for the record. The album opener "Igor's Theme", presents us with a stripped- back basic, yet effective b

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