FlashBack: Britpop

Illustration by Jack Dylan New Labour. The Premier League. Britpop. Nineties Britain seemed to be a place of change, modernity and optimism. How much this was the case has since been debated, with some looking at the period with nostalgia, and others disparaging it. The fact that Britpop is still present in youth culture through Film,Fashion and new music signify it's continued influence as a cultural movement and a genre, for both people who were and were not there at the time. Above: Oasis Credit:Michel Linssen Britpop very much looked backwards to find inspiration, from light influences to plagiarism, which Noel Gallagher and Oasis were sued for on three separate occasions. The eighti

Behind the Deck with: Kornél Kovács

Credit: House Music With Love Stockholm based producer, DJ and label runner Kornél Kovács has been building a real rapport in dance music since 2011, blessing the dancefloor, faithful to his own eccentric blend of House music. He cemented his legacy in 2016 with his debut album The Bells, an album of joyous abandon that elevated his playful approach into the mainstream. Along with Axel Boman and Petter Nordviskt, Kornel has cultivated Swedish House into what it is today through Studio Barnhus, the label that they have co-run for the past eight years. Fresh after his show in Leeds we talked to Kornél about label duties, the state of UK nightlife and his short time as a 12 year old Drum and B

Dear Annie by Rejjie Snow

Seductive and tranquillising, Rejjie Snow’s seminal album Dear Annie certifies the Dublin rapper as a master of fluidity, a connoisseur of curation and collaboration, and one of the most exciting breakthrough artists in recent years. From start to finish, Dear Annie oozes soul and lyrical dexterity. Album opener ‘Hello’ entices us in with soulful jazz-infused hip-hop, introducing Snow’s effortless ability to fuse feel-good beats with deep meaning. Similarly, ‘Rainbows’ introduces syrupy earworm hooks that radiate over Snow’s introspective lyrics. “Now I’m laughing six feet beneath the moon, I’m lonely” drawls Snow, perhaps in a reference to old friend King Krule’s debut album. Languid flow

15/2/18: Peach Club bring Empowering Punk to The Lending Room

“As a girl band, you’re going to have to practice really really hard” slurs some prick to Peach Club not too long ago. Fast-forward to a year later and the feminist left-wing four-piece have set themselves up with headline shows in London, released two EPs via their own label, and delivered empowering riot grrrl rock to promote equality for all. DIY at its finest, Peach Club are a group of inspiring women who are making things happen for themselves in the face of any man or industry who doubts their ability based on gender. Tonight, the Lending Room is destined to be a night of cathartic, uninhabited, anti-patriarchal bliss. With a line-up of 4 exceptional bands - all made up of women - it w

Behind the Brush: Martine Mooijenkind

In late 2017, we spoke to the Dutch Collage Artist,Martine Mooijenkind. What ensued was a revealing conversation that explained how she first got into Art, her development as an artist and her appreciation of the internet as an output for Art. First of all, how was 2017 for you? 2017 was kind of rough for me. I broke up with my partner after five years and had to readjust my life again. It's been a tough year, but through the help of my loving friends and family,I managed it pretty well. I have lived in Haastrecht for four years,but now I am back in my hometown Gouda again, where I was born and raised. I love it because everything is very local and you can travel around on a bicycle. How di

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