Behind the Decks with Ron Basejam

James Baron, is known musically as the solo-artist Ron Basejam, as well as a founding member of Crazy P. Whilst experiencing great group success, he began his solo career as a ‘no pressure’ side project in 2006, and has since made quirky music that thrives in the underground scene. In our conversation with James we talked all things music, ranging from studio equipment to underground venues. Above all what came of this interview is that despite great group success, this solo expedition provides the opportunity for James to truly express his creative side, as well as his love for diverse music. 1)How are you doing? Yes, fine thanks, spinning a few plates, probably had one mince pie too many

Belgrave Music Hall:Rejjie Snow review

At only 23 years of age, Rejjie Snow has made great strides within the hip hop scene. Traversing this competitive field is not easy, yet Rejjie sails through it with natural stage presence and smooth as silk lyrics. In 2011 he secured an athletic scholarship in Florida with the goal of becoming a professional football player. A year after graduating he had a change in direction, choosing to study film and design at Savannah College in Georgia. Despite leaving after just one semester, it is evident that Rejjie’s time spent over the pond gave birth to some of his most experimental syncopated jazz infused songs such as ‘Nights Over Georgia'. Shortly after returning to Ireland the MC released hi

The Bandwagon:Viva Brother

This week’s bandwagon is a bit of a throwback. The wheels came of this wagon after just over a year. 2011 was a long time ago, the first words weren’t as famous as the debut album promised. But it’s here. The once eagerly anticipated follow up. Yep Viva Brother are back, with the- hopefully better received second words. But does anyone give a shit? Should anyone give a shit? This writer does, in a reminiscent sort of way. But not without trepidation.When Viva Brother first hit the scene (before the Viva was added after a legal debacle with an Australian folk band), were signed after one gig, got thrown onto the cover of NME with some controversial quotes about their self-coined 'grit-pop', i

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