The Bandwagon: Cosmo Pyke

With a name like Cosmo, was there ever going to be any other direction that this 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Peckham was headed but up into the stratosphere? Yes, you read right, 19 years old. And in addition to being one of the country’s most outstanding musical talents Cosmo Pyke is a model, skater and graffiti artist, and if you’re scratching your head as to why you recognise his face it might be because he featured in the video for Frank Ocean’s ‘Nikes’. Makes you wonder what you’ve been doing with your life doesn’t it? If that thought leaves you in need of some cheering up then his unique brand of soulful, stripped back indie music is exactly what you need in your life. His soun

Live Review:This Feeling's Alive Tour

Last week I was part of a thin yet fortunate throng of revellers at Fibbers in York for This Feeling’s Alive tour, featuring Sheafs, BlackWaters, Bang Bang Romeo and The Shimmer Band. As everyone involved in the British gig scene has come to expect, This Feeling put on a hell of a night that showcased some of the best emerging live acts in the country. As Noel Gallagher very aptly put it; “This Feeling is the best club in the UK for future Rock and Roll stars. They believe in the power of guitars and when Rock and Roll makes its glorious comeback you can bet your arse you heard it first at This Feeling." And this show was no different. Sheafs and The Shimmer Band bookended the night marvello

Flashback:Punk- The Rise and Fall

In the late 70's a new musical culture took hold, most notably in Britain and New York, which caused adulation, fear and much inspiration. Punk’s impact on musical history was huge, despite its relatively short life span. But just how did this subculture come about? And how did such an important movement end so quickly after beginning? The Clash, left to right: Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Nicky "Topper" Headon, Joe Strummer. Photo: Daiana Constantino @ Flickr The precise start date of Punk is unclear, partly because of its emergence in different places. For example, the 60s Peruvian band Los Saicos (The Psychos) are seen as the first Punk band. However, it is generally agreed that Punk began i

Monthly Line-up List:October '17

Its October… autumn is upon us and we have another month to show you our top picks! This month is a big one with plenty of stacked line-ups, special appearances and birthday celebrations for Hessle Audio, Fabric, Acetate and RAM. Enjoy! 8th of October: DJ Kicks: Kerri Chandler at Phonox, London Phonox coming through with another gem of a Sunday session. This time the soulful Kerri Chandler is at the helm, bringing his signature sound to Brixton. After a busy year for Kerri, this marks his last U.K appearance for 2017, so expect it to be special. 13th of October: The Hydra present Hessle Audio 10 at The Bussey Building, London https://www.resident

The Bandwagon:Bokito

This week we board the bandwagon of an Irish born,London based 5 piece band.They are self-proclaimed; ‘tropic indie’ peddlers, engagers in unpredictable sonic shenanigans, and mass movers of hips. Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you Bokito! Their music grabs you and shakes you like a fleshy maraca in the hands of their primate namesake ,along to; Moses (vocals), Joe (guitar), Jody (bass), Tom (drums) and Sam’s (keys) effervescent, afro-beat infused alt-rock rhythms. The Bokito boys have built themselves quite the reputation for their rip-roaring live sets of late and it’s no surprise. It is my guarantee that they will have you jiving,just ask anyone who’s seen them play live. Better yet, see i

All Under One Roof Raving: Jamie XX takes over Manchester

On the 11th of November, Jamie xx blessed the people of Manchester with an all-day rave at The Warehouse Project. There was an air of mystery surrounding the event, in that the line- up wasn’t revealed until just two days before – the event was simply titled ‘Jamie xx and friends’. Rewarded for their patience, fans were graced with an unbelievable line-up that featured Jon Rust, Young Marco, OR:LA and Joy Orbison. Each DJ brought their own unique style to the decks, but they all stayed true to the disco-infused sound that dominated most of Jamie’s set. When the moment finally came for Jamie to grace the stage, he performed back to back with Young Marco. They delivered a set that acknowledged

Fouk- With Lasers EP Review

The artwork for the 'With Lasers' EP The funky Dutch duo Fouk have been providing us with deep groovy tunes since their first E.P. on Heist Recordings, 'Kill Frenzy'. Fouk’s tracks have a confident originality that are always easy to listen to, which has resulted in many of their tracks being overlooked. Their debut E.P. 'Kill Frenzy' left me in awe, yet releases like 'Gruff and Whiskey Ginger' were underwhelming. After listening to their second E.P. on Heist Recordings, it feels like they’ve finally hit the sweet spot. On this record, they’ve twisted their original sound and brought an air of catchiness that will get you bopping in your bedroom chair. Clean guitar bass lines are met with dr

Dimensions Festival 17' Review

I made my first visit to the Adriatic coast this year with the hopes of a kiss from the sun and a dance on the beach. By Friday,when the storms began to roll in, the chance of a tan was looking bleak. Many would leave the festival disappointed by the way the weather treated them, but I’m sure that nobody would complain about the way they were treated by Daphni during his stormy Saturday night set. Daphni in action at Dimensions Festival: Photo from Vinyl Factory Dimensions attracts music enthusiasts from all over the world, setting the stage for an electric atmosphere.All stages were well equipped with state of the art sounds systems,even the smaller stages sounded better than many clubs I h

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