The Boys in the Band: Exclusive FACTORY interview

On the Southern bank of the river Mersey lies the industrial town of Runcorn, the birthplace of Rock and Roll band FACTORY. With an estimated population of around 60,000 people,it is located only a couple of miles away from Spike Island, where the Stone Roses played their infamous outdoor show almost 30 years ago. After several standout performances and sellout shows, FACTORY have been described by many as Merseyside's most promising band.'Despite having national success,it is evident that however far these boys go they will always remember where they came from. Their name is inspired by the industrial roots of their beloved town, which their ancestors helped build. As well as being great mu

Senzala:Fake ID's, pirate radio stations and hard work!

Laughs- A picture of the London based duo that make Senzala, Jonni Santos(right) and Sam Holland(left). 'We’re only interested in making timeless music, that will still sound fresh for years to come!' ‘There’s keen,there’s very keen,then there’s Senzala'-were the words of Richy Ahmed shortly after signing them to his new label Four-Thirty-Two. Prior to meeting each other in 2011 the pair of them produced individually, which may be the reason as to why their sound is so unique. Having spent several years digging through wax and immersing themselves in London's clubbing scene, Senzala are now well on their way to becoming established producers. In anticipation of a busy summer in the studio we

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