The Cosmics: 'Glastonbury was incredible, it was like a dream come true for us all!'

Artwork by: Madison Fiorenza It was only a few months ago when Erin, Connor and Danny dreamed of going to Glastonbury, only to miss out on getting tickets. Yet their dreams came true in the most surreal of ways, when they were asked to perform there. Ever since the announcement they haven’t looked back, being booked for several other major summertime festivals. We talked to the Birmingham based trio ahead of their busy summertime schedule about; their influences, thoughts on the general election and what we can expect from them it the future. After recent standout festival performances at Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festival, it would surprise you that this is all something very new f

Ry Harding exclusive Interview:

Hi Ry. Tell us abit about what type of art you specialise in? My practice is predominately painting, however there is a sculptural crossover in my work. Through trying to question the limitations of painting it becomes a sort of expanded field painting. How did you end up studying art in Manchester, was it something you always wanted to do? It was always something I had a passion for, so when it came to it I just thought lets give it a go! What type of things influence your work? mostly paintings. I also study Art history and some of my work directly addresses the history of abstraction in painting. This theme can be seen in the work I did for Oranj Son, it was appropriated from a surreal

L.O.R.D.I.E: 'When producing I think it’s important to develop and know your own sound – This is

Tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of music you play & produce? where do I start?! I’m 30 years old and was born & raised in Staffordshire, West Midlands. My obsession with music started at a young age – I learnt to play a number of different instruments at school; everything from piano to the clarinet and the drums, as well as loving to sing. My family were really musical, so our house was always filled with different kinds of music. I guess that’s why as a kid I’d listen to all genres; literally lock myself away with my cassettes and have a good old sing song. Music’s always been my happy place, and when I discovered house music there was no going back. Artists like Todd Terry

RedFaces:'Our advice would just be to get your name out there and play as many gigs as you can.

1)Tell us abit about yourselves! We are an Indie rock and roll band from Sheffield ,composed of 4 members Charlie Yapp(19 and plays Drums) Harry Lyon(17 guitar and vocals) Isaac White (19 plays Bass guitar and backing vocals and Ryan Laycock(20 and plays lead guitar). Three of us were friends at school and we knew Ryan from another band in Sheffield. Now we are on our second single Wise Up and starting the Festival season. 2)How did you guys come up with the band name RedFaces? Before Ryan had joined we played some school gigs with friends. We hadn't really got a name at the time but after we came off everyone said we had bright red faces. We couldn't think of anything else so the name stuck

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