Latmun: 'To find your own sound and style takes time and its essential to have that. '

2016 was phenomenal for you! At the beginning of the year you were planning a holiday with your friends to Ibiza, by September you’d made 8 trips there! How surreal has the whole experience been for you? That is true! It was as surreal as it sounds, the whole process isn’t something that happened over night though, I had been playing as a resident regularly for around 5 years and producing in every spare minute I had. It wasn’t until the start of 2016 that I really released any music as I wasn’t confident in it, so it was really warming to have it so well received and truly amazing to have my dreams come true. You recently made a return to your hometown club Stealth in Nottingham, where you

Richy Ahmed: 'Too many people are quick to turn their label into a machine, which is what I rea

Richy at Mint Club Leeds, taken by Nick Dhokia Having played an instrumental role in the house music renaissance in the UK, Richy Ahmed is rightly known as one of the best DJ and Producers around. From being one of founding fathers of the revered label Hot Creations to holding a residency at DC-10, he has cemented his place in British house music forever. We caught up with Richy at Mint Club in Leeds, for his Cocoon in The Park warm up. In the short time we spent with Richy he talked to us about; his love of Glastonbury, his favourite artists and the busy summer he has ahead! How are you doing Richy? 'I’m doing really well mate, I’ve just played a show at Hyde Park book club! It was a wicked

Ebenezer: 'As an artist, you’re always looking to expand your audience. For me, collaborating is

After Rejjie Snow’s sell out show at the Belgrave Music Hall, we spoke to upcoming rap artist Ebenezer, who features on Rejjie Snow's 2017 hit single ‘Flexin’. We spoke about: his thoughts on the night, the importance of collaboration and what the future holds for him. How did you find tonight? Ebenezer: (Laughs) Sensational. Absolutely sensational! How did you end up collaborating with Rejjie on 'Flexin'? Ebenezer: I’ve known Rejjie for some time now. I’ve recently been taken on by the same management as him. One day they just sent me the track, asking if I wanted to do a chorus on it. I gave it a listen and loved what I heard, within a couple of days I sent them back my chorus. The next t

Oranj Son:'There is more engagement now from the music industry with students than ever before.&

The artwork for your single STILL is amazing, who was the person behind the design? Agreed. A very talented friend of ours, Ryan Harding (also from Ellesmere Port), designed and produced it. Paint on canvas. We spoke a lot about the work of Peter Saville, particularly his work with Joy Division and New Order. Next thing I know, he'd conjured a really great piece. He's just graduated from Manchester Art School. He's got a lot of great work. Can be found on his Instagram page Kieran you spent last year in Shanghai, how was it and did it benefit your song writing? It was great. It's just a very absurd life over there. A lot of random occurrences. The Chinese people are great and have always got

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